Spreading The Disease – Insurrection.

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Spreading The Disease

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On 24 October 2017
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An infectious eleven songs of fury on the debut studio album from Spreading The Disease.

Well this is a bit of an animal to say the least! Insurrection, the debut studio album from Kent based bruisers Spreading The Disease. Formed in 2014 by bassist Steve Saunders, their debut EP Viral showed a lot of promise which has now been fulfilled when the album is released on November 1st 2017.

Opening track ‘Find My Path’ begins with a piercing guitar intro that heads off into juddering grooves. This short, sharp blast of hate is dominated by the lung lining stripping vocals from Connor Russell Snyder. Other highlights are follower ‘Words Unspoken’, a suffocating number as the musical soundscapes threaten to take your breath away. Another Hellish vocal keeps the intensity levels high. The spooky mantra to the six minute rollercoaster ride that is ‘Dischord’ are the calm before the storm as the guitar riffs grind and churn over Steve’s thudding bass lines. Current single ‘Greed’ is a punishing assault that hits as hard as a pub car park fight. It’s a crushing bombast peppered with visceral guitar workouts.

‘Save Me’ has so much going on in it, a few spins are essential to get your head around it’s full on complexity. ‘Whores Of War’, another six minute epic is the most raging track here and is nothing less than a complete gamut of musical and vocal prowess, displaying a monolithic surge of power. ‘Method To My Madness’ is a lurching beast  built on a dizzying array of time changes over a cathartic vocal. ‘Can’t Let Go’ is an eerie, goose bump raising, laid back heavy ballad with a heart tugging lead vocal but my album highlight is the caustic ‘Brexit Wounds’. Once again, everything is thrown in as snappy snare work, punchy riffing and a spleen venting vocal delivery lead to the pace picking up midway as the riffs buzz faster and an almost reggae fusion is blown away by one more final burst of rage.

Insurrection will be available for £10 via Motivated Music Co.

Album track listing :-

Find My Path.

Words Unspoken.


Spreading The Disease.


Save Me.

Whores Of War.

Method To My Madness.

Can’t Let Go.

Brexit Wounds.

Last Goodbye.


An infectious eleven songs of fury on the debut studio album from Spreading The Disease.

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