DEMONS OF OLD METAL release video for ‘The Devil That You Know’

We’re all going to go to hell, Demons of Old Metal are going to make absolutely sure of it! The final chapter of the Demon Chronicles; aptly named ‘Demonic Chronicles – Volume III’ is set to be released on the 31st March.

Demons Of Old Metal have released their new video for ‘The Devil That You Know‘. Check it out here;

Demons of Old Metal formed at the tail end of 2010 when four veterans of the UK metal circuit joined forces with the sole intention of getting back to playing what got them into music in the first place – classic metal songs.

Before long their intense musicianship, coupled with an unforgettable schlock-horror stage show, saw the Demons attracting the admiring gaze of an unsuspecting metal scene (including Terrorizer magazine who featured the band on two of their ‘Fear Candy’ CDs) and on Halloween 2012 the band self-released their debut mini-album, ‘The Demonic Chronicles Vol. I’.

The response from metal fans and critics alike was overwhelming and after a series of live shows, the Demons headed back into the crypt to begin working on ‘Volume II’.

The frantic sessions for the second chapter in the Demons quest bore some particularly black-hearted fruit – including the soon to be live favourite ‘Murdercycle’ alongside a fistful of other bone-crunching metal behemoths. Again the Demons took to the stage across the UK, winning new fans far and wide.
But the best, as they say, was yet to come…

‘The Demonic Chronicles – Volume III’ brings the trilogy to a suitably brutal end with another collection of full throttle metal battering rams, including ‘Battlecry’, ‘Another Day In Hell’ and the brilliant new single ‘The Devil That You Know’, all of which are destined to help the Demons Of Old Metal stake their claim for a place in metal history.

Vocal and Lead Guitar Demon – Tombstone Cowboy
Bass Demon – Machinegun Skelly
Second Guitar Demon – Psycho Wing
Drum Demon – Dr Doom
Tech Demon – Digital Death

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