Christie Connor – Vernal EP Showcase, Classic Grand – 28/02/2014

Tonight’s gig was the showcase for singer/songwriter Christie Connor-Vernal’s new 6-track EP ‘The Titan Sessions‘ which was released that day. The EP was recorded live in single takes at Titan Studios West, Glasgow, in December 2013. Not only was this Christie’s first headline show, it was also the first with her full band.

Starting off tonight’s proceedings were local alternative rockers These Little Kings. It was the first time I had heard these guys play and we were in for a treat with the foot tapping tunes that they served up. Ryan the singer did not let his injured leg hinder him in any way and was doing his best to bounce about on stage. They started off with the catchy ‘We Are Sharks then followed on with a new track ‘This is Goodbye’ that they were trying out and it went down very well with the audience. The upbeat ‘OK Corral‘, which comes from their EP had the crowd moving about and a few singing along with them.

They then kicked it up a notch with You Don’t Bring Words to a Gun Fight. Before trying out another brand new rocking track ‘Crashing Cities‘ which again had the crowd feet stomping and quite a few bouncing along. The same went for ‘Electric Eyes’ before they closed their great set with the mellow track ‘Battle’.


These Little Kings
These Little Kings

We Are Sharks
This is Goodbye
OK Corral
You Don’t Bring Words to a Gun Fight
Crashing Cities
Electric Eyes

Ryan McCartney – Vocals / Guitar
Ryan Hamilton – Vocals / Guitar
Leigh Docherty – Bass Guitar
Ryan Monteith – Vocals / Drums


By this point the downstairs at the Classic Grand was filling up nicely and after a quick changeover it was time for Electro Alternative Rockers Life On Standby to take to the stage. They started off with the electro rocking track ‘Eagles‘ then into the recently recorded ‘Chase The Lights‘ which had the crowd moving about. Singer Erin bantered with the crowd before leaving the stage and the remaining band members launched into an instrumental interlude with crashing guitar riffs and dancey beats, which went down well with the audience.

Erin comes back on stage for ‘Anchor’ this was the first time they had played it live as they had just finished recording it the week before and it sounded great live however the only real downside to their set was that the sound wasn’t as good as it was for These Little Kings or as it was for Christie, this lead to Erin’s resonance voice not sound as great as it should have. Next up was the catchy track ‘Shadows’ which they were recording a video for it on the Sunday after the gig, and they brought their set to a close with the bouncing track ‘Do it Again‘ which was a great finish to their set.


Life On Standby
Life On Standby

Chase the light (Interlude)
Do it again

Erin Donnachie – Lead Vocals & Synths:
Gavin Williams – Lead Guitars & Vocals & Synths
Gianluca Demelas – Drums
Liam Walker – Bass & Acoustic Guitar


I have had the pleasure of seeing Christie Connor-Vernal play solo a few times before now and have always been impressed by her many talents from song writing to her sublime voice, that can suit a wide variety of styles, so as you can guess I was looking forward to see her with her full band tonight.

The venue was nearly full when Christie and co took to the stage and started off tonight’s awesome set with ‘Touched By The Devil‘ before continuing straight one into the rocking ‘Hound Dog’s Moon‘ and the ballad ‘Black and Grey‘, which made a superb start to their set. Next up was a cracking cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Cryin” which they had never played before live and it went down so well with the full crowd. It had the majority of us singing along and there was even a few lighters in the air! The awesome solo acoustic track performed by Christie ‘Nobody’s Someone’ was up next before the band come back to the stage and we were treated to the very popular song Christie’s cover of the iconic song ‘Joline‘ by Dolly Parton. This bring us into the bluesy toe tapping track ‘Bad Girl Boogie‘.

Oceans Away‘ I’ve heard Christie play live solo before and have always thought it was a superb ballad however when you add in the full sound of the band it was even more sublime to listen to. Christie joked at the end of this track that she ‘Had seen more than once person cry and it wasn’t just her Mum this time’. Bluesy rock track ‘As Good As I Am‘ soon had the crowd moving and singing along. ‘28 Weeks is a unique spoken word/instrumental track describing ‘a beautiful girl who came from the sea’s who wanted to be with a rockers’ plight. Then straight into ‘Eye For An Eye’ which is featured on her EP.

After checking that we all wanted one more song by giving us two option – either for them to leave the stage right now or play just one more song. We obviously picked the latter and they ended tonight’s set with a cover of ‘Tribute (The Best Song In The World)’ by Tenacious D. As soon as the crowd recognised the track a few laughs were heard and people were soon singing along. It was a superb finish to night and they left the stage to the sounds of rapturous applause and shouts for more. Christie stayed on after the set to chat with people and signed numerous copies of her EP.


Christie Connor-Vernal
Christie Connor-Vernal

1 Touched By The Devil
2 Hound Dog’s Moon
3 Black & Grey
4 Crying (Aerosmith cover)
5 Nobody’s Someone
6 Joline (Dolly Parton cover)
7 Bad Girl Boogie
8 Oceans Away
9 As Good As I Am
10 28 Weeks
11 Eye For An Eye
12 Tribute (The Best Song In The World) ( Tenacious D cover)

Christie Connor-Vernal – Vocals/Guitar
Roddy MacAudio- Guitars
Craig Rae – Bass
Mike Jackson – Drums
Steve Lightbody – Keyboards

Titan Studios West


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