Interview – Introducing Kinjiru

Recently, I had a quick word with Roger B, formerly of Demons of Old Metal and now the force behind one-man project Kinjiru about his debut solo EP [forbidden], who he’d love to open for on tour and why self-producing a record maybe isn’t all that’s it’s cracked up to be…

For those who may not know who you are, introduce yourself quickly.

RB: My name is Roger B and I am the singer, guitarist, bassist, producer and literally everything else behind Kinjiru

Describe your sound in as few words as possible.

RB: Metal + dance = confused enjoyment

Who are your three biggest influences as a band?

RB: Rob Zombie, Pantera and Vengaboys

What’s the meaning behind your band name?

RB: Kinjiru is a Japanese word meaning ‘forbidden’

How did you approach this release in terms of writing and recording?

RB: Because this started as a side project when I was still in Demons of Old Metal, it started very casually at first.  Then, when I hit upon the direction I wanted to take the subject matter, (I think it came to me at Download 2017) it took up more and more of my focus at which point I set myself the challenge of writing, recording and releasing the EP on Halloween. So, basically three-and-a-half months.

What was it like to work as a producer on the record as well?

RB: It was surprisingly difficult because I had to keep kicking myself up the arse to crack on with it!

Do you have any personal favourite songs on the release?

RB: Nobody else seems to agree with me, but I love ‘Voodoo Sex Doll’

Explain the meaning behind the album title.

RB: It’s a bastardisation of the four ‘Ds’ that people say you need to succeed; drive, dedication, determination and desire. In the case of the ‘4D EP’ the 4 Ds are Deviance, Desire, Depravity and Debauchery (which is basically what the songs are all about)

Describe the concept of the video ‘Never Ever’.

RB: The main thing I needed to establish was my identity outside Demons of Old Metal   and also try to convey the fact that everything is played by yours truly.

Does it tie in with the themes around the song? If yes, why? If not, why not?

RB: I really wanted it to, it’s just that to achieve a full cinematic video would have required a lot of locations, settings and actors which, with a budget of zero pounds and zero pence was just out of my league.  So, short answer – no.

Q11. Was it fun to shoot or did it prove to be quite a challenge?

RB: Yes, it was fun to shoot because I’m a massive show-off, it was the editing and mixing of the footage that was the hard bit.

Do you have any dates lined up at present?


RB: This being a studio project at the moment, that’s tough ones to answer. When Kinjiru does go out live, it will be a seven piece band performing in a sex dungeon stage set so it will definitely be an experience!

If you could open for anyone, who would it be?

RB: If it could be anyone in the world, Rob Zombie.

Any comical stories from your time as a band you can share with us?

RB: Man, this whole thing is nuts! It’s surprising how you go slightly mad when you’re      locked in a secret lab drinking bourbon and experimenting with different beats and   instruments!

What’s the plan for the rest of 2018?

RB: Well, there seems to be some appetite out there for a full length Kinjiru release, so I’m shut away in my secret lab putting more tracks together! When I’ve got around 20 I like, I’ll cull the ones that aren’t quite up to muster and fully develop the rest. Alongside that, there will be one or two new vids and a photoshoot or two!

Any closing comments?

RB: Just a massive thank you to Planet Mosh for giving me this opportunity and for all the support you gave Demons of Old Metal!

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