Dead Aeon – ‘Apotheosis’

When Planet Mosh officially launched on the island of Ireland a few weeks ago, recruiting a team of writers on both sides of the border, we knew were delving into a territory steeped in musical heritage, a part of the world rich in its own identity, confident in its ability… little did we realize some of the beasts we might be unleashing on an unsuspecting global readership…

Hailing from just over the border from PM’s HQ on the Emerald Isle, Dead Aeon simply destroy all comers with their brutally effective brand of blackened death metal.  While obviously drawing influences from the likes of Behemoth, Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse and even progressive acts such as Opeth and Meshuggah, this 30 minute exercise in madness is guaranteed to rip the head off any metaller brave enough to come within striking distance.

The rhythm section of Dan Doherty and Evan McGuigan are brutally tight, the latter’s considered blastbeats perfectly complementing both the former’s ascending-descending bass lines and the tight, winding riffs of Chris Winsryg, while Jack Penders’ vocals mix aggression and brutality nigh on perfectly.

There are a few faults – the production is slightly muddy in places but not enough to detract from this being hailed as one of the best new death metal releases of the year…



  1. Omnicide
  2. Mass Culture Theory
  3. All Shall Fade
  4. Rise To Power
  5. Veins Of The Earth

No definite release date has been set for ‘Apotheosis’, but you can find out when it will invade your particular corner of Planet Mosh by following the band at


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