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Jack J Hutchinson

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On 24 February 2024
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Jack J Hutchinson sends off ten songs to war with his latest studio album Battles, a musical call to arms.

Welcome back London based Jack J Hutchinson, starting 2024 immensely with the release of his brand new studio album Battles, via Earache Digital Distribution on February 9th. Ten triumphant songs are on the musical menu, kicking off the album with ‘Constellations’, a hairy headbanger to open up with neck aching style. Raucous riffs surge throughout with speaker rattling potency, backed by a high pitched, glass worrying vocal range from Jack, as a wah-wah raging solo midway is a force of nature.

Melodic rock vibes see ‘Days Are Gone’ are the order of the day here, with another soul searching vocal, showing off his laid back side.

‘Bullets’ shoots from the hip, taking no prisoners courtesy of hefty riffs that ooze confidence for three feisty minutes, closing on a shimmering outro guitar solo.

Saddle up for ‘Road To Hell’ as this Western tinged ballad with balls, sees it wring out every last drop of emotion until it explodes into life for a lengthy guitar laden midsection and outro.

Running On Empty’ belies its title by being a steadfast foundation shaking pounder of the highest order, pinned down by a snappy snare driven delivery, and sweeping orchestral strings.

‘Rip It Up’ is all barroom boogie bluster, raising the heaviness ante, elevating it to gritty choruses as, once again, a fretboard burning outro steals the spotlight.

‘Love Is The Law’ is a smile inducing groover that could melt the coldest of hearts.

“More cowbell” is the order here to add more ire to ‘Dont Let The Fuckers Get You Down’, as big, fat, meaty riffs bully the hate fuelled choruses, suddenly changing to faster tempos to get those heads shaking once more.

‘Overdrive’ is a boisterous party starting and finisher, putting in a claim for being the heaviest track on the album, bringing the hammer down on seismic levels.

Jack saves the best till last, as ‘Stay With Me’ is my album highlight. It’s a song of sheer beauty. If there is such a thing as the perfect song, then this quaint ballad tugs at the heart strings for the final time as Jack delivers his finest, 24 carat vocal, ending on a sumptuous, precisely picked outro.

Information about Jack J Hutchinson is here :-

Band personnel :-

Jack J Hutchinson – Guitar/Vocals.

Phil Wilson – Drums/Percussion.

Charlie Rachael Kay – Bass Guitar.

Battles album track listing :-


Days Are Gone.


Road To Hell.

Running On Empty.

Rip It Up.

Love Is The Law.

Don’t Let The Fuckers Get You Down.


Stay With Me.

Jack J Hutchinson sends off ten songs to war with his latest studio album Battles, a musical call to arms.

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