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On 21 November 2014
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Something Supernatural is a cracking piece of rock n roll music.

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81vcq5lc8zL._SL1417_I have no idea what Crobot are smoking, but it’s certainly giving them one hell of a trip.  This album should have been named Everything Supernatural, as every track takes us through a nightmare collection of devils, wizards, necromancers and the legendary chupacabra.  All that’s missing is Nessie and we’d have the complete set.  Luckily, instead of terrifying the listeners with these tales straight from hell, Crobot have wrapped the whole lot up in a boxful of killer riffs, massive hooks and some of the catchiest choruses this side of the river Styx.

Crobot are Brandon Yeagley on vocals, Chris Bishop on guitar, and brothers Jake and Paul Figueroa on bass and drums.  This is a fairly recent version of the band, with Jake and Paul having replaced previous members.  Considering this is a quite new line-up and is their debut album, it’s certainly very accomplished.  The hellish creatures that provide the stories for the songs must also have provided a lot of inspiration.  For all the influences and sounds here, some rock, some psychedelia, and a healthy dose of funk the album does really flow.

It starts off with clear intent, with Legend of the Spaceborne Killer.  Yeagley’s wailing vocal is well suited to tell the story of the appearance of a spaceborne killer who appeared in blinding flash of light to do god knows what to us all.  Aptly, this is followed by Nowhere to Hide.  There’s not much in the way of good news in Something Supernatural, basically if Lucifer doesn’t get you the chupacabra will, but on the bright side at least your ears will be happy.  Highlights include Wizards and La Mano de Lucifer, for their originality and storytelling, and Night of the Sacrifice for its funk, and Yeagley’s almost Myles Kennedy like vocal.  From beginning to end, through the crashing drums of Legend of the Spaceborne Killer, the wailing vocals of Skull of Geronimo to the slow and thoughtful Queen of the Light there’s no room to take a breath, have a rest or wave your white flag.  Something Supernatural is a cracking piece of rock n roll music.

Track Listing: Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer/Nowhere To Hide/The Necromancer/La Mano De Lucifer/Skull Of Geronimo/Cloud Spiller/Fly On The Wall/Night Of The Sacrifice/Chupacabra/Wizards/Queen Of The Light.

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Something Supernatural is a cracking piece of rock n roll music.

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