Cornerstone – Somewhere In America (CD)

Hailing from Austria the band have been around in different guises for over 10 years, but only in the last few has the benefits of a stable line-up enabled Cornerstone to branch out and develop their brand of Female-Fronted AOR, culminating in this extremely catchy and melodic offering.
Vocalist Patricia Hillinger in particular comes across really well, reminding you in places of ‘80s Fleetwood Mac, whilst guitarist Steve Wachelhelfor sails through solo after solo in the classic Journey style.
Cornerstone has been very clever in combining the vintage AOR sound with a contemporary hard edge production. The result should reap rewards for the band. Now under the umbrella, the push into European and UK markets should be easier and any success based on this offering is richly deserved.
Release Date: 30th September 2011.
Rating: 8/10.
01. Stay
02. Rise And Shine
03. Breathing For You
04. Right Or Wrong
05. Like A Stranger
06. Follow You, Follow Me
07. Being Unaware
08. Oblivious
09. High And Low
10. Strut
Patricia Hillinger – Vocals
Michael Wachelhofer – Bass, Keyboards and Vocals
Steve Wachelhofer – Guitars and Vocals
Mike Pawlowitsch – Drums and Percussion

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