Circle Of Crows Interview

CIRCLE OF CROWS drop ‘Everything Comes After Zero’ on Friday 17th August. We asked the band some probing questions to give us an insight into their background:

Who’s in the band?

Kyle Gormley – Guitar/Vocals; Josh Smith – Bass; Steve Sudlow – Drums.


Can you tell us about your early beginnings and hometown?

The current line-up formed in the spring of 2017. Kyle and Josh had been in the original line up of Circle Of Crows for a few years but they split up, with Josh living in Brighton while Kyle moved back to Newquay. Kyle bumped into Steve one night and they both got talking about how much they missed playing in an original rock band and luckily Josh had just moved back to Cornwall, so they decided to get together and see what came of it. They immediately gelled with Steve as the new drummer and have been writing/performing ever since.


As for our hometown of Newquay, Cornwall – it’s the surf capital of the UK. A very busy summer holiday destination for people from all over the world and is lucky enough to be part of a thriving south-west music scene which is full of great bands across all genres.


Who are your influences:

Alter Bridge, Biffy Clyro, Arcane Roots, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Metallica.


What are your websites?


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