CHASING VIOLETS – Outside Heaven.

This debut album from sisters Sarah and Melissa Fontaine features a host of musicians gathered from the AOR fraternity and falls firmly into the Melodic Rock camp. It represents a very clever and thoughtful attempt at creating a foot tapping, sing along record and in places achieves it.

Tracks such as ’No Margin For Error’ for example is a well composed and assembled track with excellent guitar work, piano backing and dual vocal. ’When The Darkness Falls’ features the sisters performing a really competent melodic vocal. ’Voices In The Wind’, a much slower paced and atmospheric affair, to me is the best track on the album, with some really excellent guitar backing.

As a whole package, the album is one that will certainly grow on you but whether the use of so many different musicians will hinder or enhance this release is up for debate. There is obviously a great deal of talent within the band but I personally would love to hear the girls belt out a stronger vocal sound, they are more than capable of doing that but the vocals come across as being a tad restrained in parts.
The potential is there for the girls to come up with something special, as a release, it’s one I would more than happily recommend you to check out but I do believe that the bands best days are yet to come.

Rating 7/10.

Track Listing;
1. I Cant Love No More.
2. No Margin For Error.
3. The Price To Pay.
4. When The Darkness Falls.
5. Voices In The Wind.
6. Above Suspicion.
7. Outside Heaven.
8. Hold Back The Dawn.
9. No One’s Gonna Hurt Me Anymore.
10. A Hole In Paradise.
11. You’re My Obsession.
12. Cease Fire.
13. Just Wanna Be Your Heroin.



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