RED MOON ARCHITECT – Concealed Silence.


As a huge fan of Doom Metal I was really looking forward to hearing this album, after doing so I can state categorically that I have been blown away by the sheer power and atmospheric genius that eminates from each and every track.
Red Moon Architect is the brainchild and visionary spawning of Finnish keyboard master Saku Moilanen and what a band he has put together for this debut. For a start, don’t be put off or perturbed that the cd is only five tracks as each one is a total masterpiece of pure musical genius that will take the listener on a journey of highs and lows, an audio expedition to the innermost and darkest recesses of your soul.
Opener ’Abscond’ is as dark and malevolent as you could wish for but follow on track ’Funeral’ is simply one of the best Doom tracks I have ever heard, over ten minutes of despairing, hopeless, soul wrenching beauty that is simply stunning.
The vocals of Frans Aalto deliver such an atmospheric feel, mainly growl, occasionally clean but always meaningful. Interwoven in parts with the female vocals of Anni Viljanen, which beautifully contrast and compliment the harsh and brutal male voice. The guitar work of Juuso Turkki is sublime, such power and force, really a joy to listen to.
‘Black Butterflies’, an eight minute epic that will stay and haunt your very being with its dark majesty. Such tracks come along rarely but to here have a collection of truly stunning and faultless Melodic Doom is almost bordering on unique. Just take time to listen to closer ’Realm’ and I guarantee you will be hooked, I know I am.
For fans of Swallow The Sun, Draconian and many others, this cd is a must, one of the best things to come out of the Doom scene for a long long time.

Rating 10/10.

Track Listing;
1. Abscond.
2. Funeral.
3. Death Rank.
4. Black Butterflies.
5. Realm.

Red Moon Architect are;
Saku Moilanen – Drums, Bass, Keyboards.
Frans Aalto – Vocals.
Anni Viljanen – Vocals.
Juuso Turkki – Guitars.

Out now on Inverse Records.





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