Carol Hodge: set to release THIS – the first release off upcoming album

British singer-songwriter Carol Hodge releases THIS – the first release from her The Crippling Space Between album.

Due for release on 9th July 2021, THIS is an uplifting rock anthem that packs a positive punch. Lyrically, the song references W.H. Auden’s Funeral Blues, and charts the deterioration of the spirit throughout 2020. Dramatic low key verses give way to huge and heavy guitars in the choruses, reflecting the rollercoaster of uncertainty life has become of late. Carol explains:

“I’ve never felt such rage, such grief, such uncertainty. We all like to think we are in control of our own lives, and have a hand in our own destinies, but 2020 pulled the rug out from under us. It has absolutely taught me to accept that there are forces in the world beyond my control. I have dug deep and found the positives. When it seems like there is nothing left, there is hope. Always.”

The official music video for THIS stars Nashville-based dancer Erik Cavanaugh. Erik’s unconventional style and crusade against the stereotype of the ‘dancer’s body’ (his philosophy: “Do you dance? Do you have a body? Then you have a dancer’s body”) has won him over 13 million likes on TikTok. He also features in music videos by The Avalanches (feat. Rivers Cuomo) and Tim Chadwick. He dances up a storm throughout the video, ending the finale in 5 inch heeled red latex boots.

Carol Hodge

Carol is a uniquely able keyboard player. She describes herself as a “seven-fingered pianist”. Carol was born with a rare condition called cleft type symbrachydactyly, which means Carol has just two fingers on her left hand.

This hasn’t held her back as her impressive CV is testament to. Carol performs as a keyboardist/backing vocalist with various touring bands including Ryan Hamilton (signed to Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records), Crass/Steve Ignorant, and has also guested with Ginger WildheartHeadsticks and The Membranes.

The full album The Crippling Space Between (official release date: 20th August 2021) is now available on pre-order in Carol’s webshop, in a variety of bundles and formats including limited edition, hand-numbered turquoise vinyl (/250) and sunburst yellow and turquoise vinyl (/250)The album is also available on CD and DL, along with Handwritten lyric sheets, limited-edition t-shirts and even tea towels.

Carol flits between musical styles throughout the album, creating a musical journey reflecting the rollercoaster that was 2020. She explains: 

“If you’ve felt isolated and alone inside your own faulty brain, this album is for you. If you’ve felt angry at the world, and your lack of control over your own existence, this album is for you. If you’ve felt fearful of the future, completely lost and wondering if life’s all just a ridiculous game, this album is definitely for you.”

Polished Indie Pop nuggets abound in tracks such as Twenty Miles Up, So Much For Summertime and Scream Of The Sea, while This and Moan Of A Thousand Years brings some heavier rock riffs to the table. Carol’s trademark piano-led ballads remain, with More Important and Best Thing In This Town highlighting the honest emotion she is becoming known for.

The remainder of 2021 will (hopefully) see Carol playing some UK gigs with a full band line up, including Wroot Rocks on 17th September. |

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