Captain Horizon – Can’t You See What I’ve Become?

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Captain Horizon

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On 7 April 2015
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Another eclectic release by Captain Horizon.

Captain Horixon - 'Imitation Sun' artworkWelcome once again to the weird but wonderful world of Birmingham based Captain Horizon! This new single is a stunning taster lifted from their forthcoming album ‘Imitation Sun’, due to be released via Rocksector Records on May 11 with an album launch event on May 22 at the Birmingham Academy 02.

There is so much going on in this song that it makes you wonder how they fit it all in at just over three minutes as it rushes by in their usual inimitable style. The Gary Numan ‘Cars’  like intro segues into chiming guitars that lurk behind crashing,sustained riffs. Chopping riffs weave in midway over a solid rhythm section of bass and drums. Lush vocal harmonies prevail throughout but the song is dominated by the unhinged lead vocals of Steve “Whitty” Whittingham.

His range reminds me of ex-Mindfunk vocalist Pat Dubar and Steve’s pleading performance here adds to the musical smorgasbord as he pushes himself  even more on the song title during the outro.

Captain Horizon band line up :-

Steve “Whitty” Whittingham – Lead vocals.

Josh watson – Guitars/vocals/synths.

Alex Thomson – Bass guitar/vocals.

James “Mez” Merrix – Drums/percussion.

Another eclectic release by Captain Horizon.

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