Fast rising Metal outfit ‘Immension’ nationally unleash their highly anticipated debut album ‘In Vain’, through all stores on Monday 15th June.


Taking from a glut of areas, from the layered webbing of ‘In Flames’ to the power and accessibility of ‘Trivium’ and ‘Arch Enemy’, Immension have carefully crafted a sound that cunningly blends the fundamentals of contemporary and metal; the end result is absolutely exhilarating.


Immension were originally formed in 2008 in Sheffield by founding members Jake Kearsley and Tim Dolan. Drummer Jonni Sowter entered the fray in 2011, and the aspiring riff beasts soon set to work on honing their sound. It wasn’t long before the Steel City crew hit the road and toured throughout the whole of the UK. The band then went on to record and self-release two EPs. Both records sparked extensive praise and support from Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Total Rock Radio, Terrorizer and Powerplay Magazine, all helping to catapult the band to a national level.


Immension’s debut album, ‘In Vain’, now sets a clear marker, drawing a definitive line in the sand for the trio. The riff slingers have truly excelled themselves in creating a record brimming with nine cuts of contemporary metal that are rammed with passion, emotion and relatability. The energetic assault of opener ‘In Vain’ undoubtedly pulls you in, highlighting the band’s maturity and careful texturing through perfectly woven guitar work and thoughtful arrangements. ‘The Fantasy’ and ‘Lost & Forgotten’ further demonstrate the threesome’s impeccable musicianship and deft ability to be able to deliver modern metal that is right at the vanguard of the UK scene. And tracks like ‘Love Never Dies’ and ‘The Father You Will Never Be’ emphasize the band’s highly impressive grasp of dynamics and song structuring. ‘In Vain’ is an album that is sure to take the Yorkshire metallers to new heights.

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