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On 26 December 2018
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A celebration of what music is all about. Thought provoking as well as rocking your socks off!

Cadence Noir - Disc Pics

It’s a miracle! It’s a Christmas miracle! Our saviour is here! No no no, not that fictional story we were told at school but the debut album Physical Copy by the five wise members that make up Cadence Noir!  The eight year wait has finally come to fruition with a collection of  festive hymns that will enrich your souls in heavenly splendour. ‘The Traveller’ is a joyously uplifting opener as they cram as much they can in this jiggingly jigging jig in two minutes. The snare driven ‘Remoaner’ catapults the raging riffing along with aplomb showing they have more than one string to their bow (groan) and they kick into overdrive throughout with some pit opening tight as f**k thrashing.

It’s time to wave those drinking horns in the air and dance like a loon during the gripping hoedown titled ‘Demons Lament’. One of my live favourites ‘Church’ takes on a new lease of life in the studio as its complexities are astounding through headphones as time changes whizz by faster than Christmas train cancellations and there is a welcome lull midway to get your breath back. ‘Voyage’ is a haunting lullaby with a lush hook running throughout as Adriens vocals tug at the heart strings. ‘A Truth Held Dear’ (another live favourite of mine) flows along on pin droppingly quiet waves of emotion especially when the pleading vocals give a touch of hope in the rocked up outro.

The pace picks back up for ‘Homage’ so grab your partner, swing them by whatever you want to in this race to the finish line foot tapper. The slightly unhinged ‘Hold Me Down’ is a madcap freakout that brought to mind the eccentricities of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd. Utterly bonkers and the album regains some composure to finish on the eloquently titled ‘A Dove Amongst Eagles’. It allows us one last chance to tug at our emotions with heart on sleeve vocals that are melancholy but also a tad uplifting. A beautiful end to the album by the self proclaimed ‘Gothic Folk ‘n’ Rollers’! The CD is available now via Bandcamp with a bonus track of the potty mouthed ‘Fuck Fuck Boom Boom’ and comes with a bonus DVD of their riotous set played to a huge Bloodstock Open Air Festival crowd in August 2018.

Cadence Noir band line up : –

Adrien Perrie – Guitar/vocals.

Emma Bennett – Violin.

Tom Smith – Bass guitar/double bass.

David Budge – Drums/percussion.

Nick Chamberlain – Guitar.


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A celebration of what music is all about. Thought provoking as well as rocking your socks off!

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