Born Broken – The Healing Powers Of Hate

Montreal Metalheads spawn a beast of a debut album.


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Over the years, there has been the odd occasion when a debut album has really struck me between the eyes, knocked me to the ground and given a damn good slapping (in the musical sense of course). Here is the latest in that line, an album of intense and brutal passion mixed with a groove based element that had me hooked from track one.

In many ways, the album comes at you from a very traditional slant, beefed up guitars and a drum sound that is constantly in your face, producing riffs from the classic Pantera mould that are nigh impossible to resist or dislike. There are many stand out tracks on offer, ’Anger Of The Day’ for example is a text book demonstration of controlled and well thought out riffs that twist and dive to great effect. ’I Will Rise’, whilst coming across as a much more fluid and free flowing track, is probably one of the most diverse on the album and indeed one of my favourites, even throwing in a touch of acoustic for atmospheric effect.

I mentioned the similarities with Pantera but equally there are moments that will remind you of Hatebreed and Lamb Of God, not in a sterile copycat way but moreover in a way that gives the band a tried and tested bedrock foundation from which to build on their undoubted unique and thoroughly engaging sound.
I understand from the press info that a change of vocalist has occurred since the album was recorded so it will be interesting to see how, if at all that effects the bands direction and mind set. Hopefully the core values of this album will be carried on to all future recordings as this really is an album worth checking out.

As a singular unit the album gets stronger as it progresses, throwing in spoken word intros, occasional clean vocal and groove filled bass lines along the way. Culminating in the albums final two tracks, ’Reborn From The Ashes’ and the title track ’The Healing Powers Of Hate’, you are left in no doubt as to the outstanding quality on display, the latter a particular noteworthy example.

Bands come and bands go, taste and trends change with each passing year but occasionally, just once in a while a group of musicians put an album together that sends shivers down the spine. This is that album.

Track Listing;

1. Can’t Quiet The Riot
2. Old News
3. Anger of The Day
4. I Will Rise
5. Control
6. It Has Begun
7. Birth Of The Broken
8. Bleed The Sky
9. Reborn From The Ashesborn broken band
10. The Healing Powers Of Hate

Recording Line Up;

Simon Savard – Guitar
Jesus Salazar – Vocals
Tommy Vaillancourt – Bass
Mike Decker – Guitar
Jonathan Ménard – Drums

Out now via the bands site and other outlets.

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