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On 8 September 2014
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North American Metallers, Sylo, have recently released their Monuments Of Nothing E.P.
They manage to pack a punch in six tracks.


Monument of Nothing, the title track sets the pace of this record. My first initial thoughts were that these guys are very reminiscent of early Slipknot. There’s aggression behind the music which is always appealing. The construction of tracks can sometimes seem a little scattered but ultimately there is a good groove and a grungy, unpolished tone is continued throughout the E.P which gives the band a gritty edge.

Buried Beneath Lies, throws out some cleaner vocals which is most likely where people will start to make a connection with Sylo. Some good breakdowns make an appearance along with memorable riffs.

Tracks like Lineage and Elis Revenge reiterate that initial aggression and combative energy that kicks off the record. Elis Revenge is my favourite track – it has that kind of rolling, tumbling element that beefs the track up and adds to its heaviness. Also the arrival of particularly memorable solo about three minutes in is most welcomed!

Taking you to India kind of mixes things up a bit. It starts off considerably lighter but never strays too far away from the root of Sylo’s sound. If you own any Slipknot merch or memorabilia, Psyklops is going to be the track that wins you over –  this excludes carrying around a dead crown to smell…if you have that, you need to not. Also if you like to wear masks and hide under people’s beds or in their wardrobes…you’re not invited to this party.

While Sylo may not be reinventing the wheel here, there are definitely some strong elements to their music. At times it can seem that some components going into this E.P are battling to be heard. It can be difficult sometimes to hear the quality of individuals in the band. However, there is potential with Monument of Nothing –  good breakdowns and beefy riffs will keep the masses happy. Worth checking out as these guys will most likely be invading our shores soon (hopefully not to pillage).


Check out Monument of Nothing for yourself!:

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