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Bonafide, hailing from Malmo Sweden, were a band I heard some of my friends talk about at times but for one reason or another I never did go check them out. Stumbling across a list of possible albums to review I spotted their soon to be released 4th album “Bombo” amongst them. I thought well if ever there was an opportunity to do something about it, now is the perfect time! Deciding not to go trolling through Bonafide’s past releases and footage, for fear of letting it influence me, this is a straight up honest review on discovering a new hard rocking band.

Right from the off, the title track from the album “Bombo” opens up Bombo Coverwith some good hard rocking riffs and an infectious groove, with a simple catchy chorus to boot. The great riff work continues but with a slightly more classic rock feel to the song “Backroom”. Seemingly about what goes on backstage. What I do get when I hear the vocals of Pontus Snibb, is a great classic sound. This shows in particular with this song, which to me is more along the lines of Deep Purple or Whitesnake. It is hard to pinpoint but it is unique in a way that his vocals sound classic, but at the same time also suits the harder rocking tracks on this album. This takes me back to late seventies and eighties rock. I do get a David Coverdale/Sammy Hagar feel at times when listening to Pontus Snibb, and then the simpler sounds of someone like Paul Stanley plays to the back of mind, which to me is a very good sound indeed!

Effective hard rocking, catchy riff work is spread throughout this album and it is immense in “Rock n Roll Skal”, which sounds to me like the love child of AC/DC and Kiss! This is pure rock and roll at its best. Lot’s of fun to listen to, with the sweet, sweet sound of guitarist Mikael Fässberg’s Les Paul during the solo. This theme continues through “D.T.R.D” There is a beautiful break in the middle here where it slows down and harmonises into nice smooth sounds then builds up again into the finish.

First single from the album “Harmony” is the only time the pace changes and slows down a little. The ballad from the album shall we say, and this song is one of the highlights for me. While the rest of the tracks are hard and ballsy in sound and lyrics, this is as feel good a song you will ever get here. It again brings back that classic rock sound and showcases how good a vocalist and songwriter Pontus Snibb really is. Eighth track “Liquid Lover” is another favourite of mine and brings in some glam to the sound. Think Kiss meets Poison and you won’t go far wrong here. Again the riffs are huge, infectious, and it is one you will catch yourself singing along to the chorus and shaking your ass to!

As the title suggest, “Suburb Baby Blues” is a Blues fuelled Classic Rock and Roller, much in the vein of ZZ Top meets AC/DC. Another huge highlight on the album which finishes off with the track “8-Ball”. This reminds me somewhat of Sammy Hagar and Van Halen in places with its sound and style, both musically and lyrically, and a great way to end the album.

Every rock and roll cliché lyrically runs throughout “Bombo”. It seems to be all tongue and cheek, and a whole lot of fun. The musicianship is spot on, with a fantastic rhythm section, and a lot of great guitar playing. If you love your eighties classic and hard rock, with huge hooks and riffs that won’t let up, along with catchy choruses this is one album you must own. This isn’t album of the year but it is mighty fine, and does a superb job at keeping the Rock and Roll spirit alive!

Now to go trolling through Bonafide’s back catalogue!

BonafideBombo” is released 2nd September 2013 through Off Yer Rocka Recordings
Track listing:

1. Bombo
2. Backroom
3. Bad as Clint
4. Rock´n´Roll Skål
5. D.T.R.D
6. Harmony
7. Better safe (than sorry)
8. Liquid Lover
9. Suburb Baby Blues
10. 8-Ball

Bonafide are:
Pontus Snibb: Vocals & Guitar
Mikael Fässberg: Guitar
Martin Ekelund: Bass
Niklas Matsson: Drums

BONAFIDE will tour extensively in 2013. As special guests to the Quireboys, they begin a full scale World Tour in Bristol (UK) on October 6 that will take the band throughout Europe and beyond.

Tour Dates are as follows:

30-08-2013 Cool Kat Club (Short acoustic set)Stockholm (Se)
03-09-2013 Debaser Slussen Stockholm (Se)
13-09-2013 Backstage Trollhättan (Se)
14-09-2013 The Tivoli Helsingborg (Se)
20-09-2013 MX Rockbar Alingsås (Se)
21-09-2013 Kulturbolaget Malmö (Se)
27-09-2013 Bankiren Västerås (Se)
28-09-2013 Bredablick Falköping (se)
06-10-2013 O2 Academy Bristol (Uk)
07-10-2013 O2 Academy 2 Oxford (Uk)
09-10-2013 O2 Academy 2 Birmingham (Uk)
10-10-2013 O2 Academy 2 Sheffield (Uk)
11-10-2013 The Garage Glasgow (Uk)
12-10-2013 The Rescue Rooms Nottingham (Uk)
14-10-2013 O2 Academy Newcastle (Uk)
15-10-2013 Club Acdemy Manchester (Uk)
17-10-2013 02 Islington Academy London (Uk)
18-10-2013 Old Fire Station Bournemouth (Uk)
19-10-2013 Princess Pavilion Falmouth (Uk)
30-10-2013 Chelsea Vienna (At)
31-10-2013 Komma Worgl (At)
02-11-2013 Gaswerk Winterthur (Ch)
03-11-2013 Konzerthaus Schuur Lucerne (Ch)
05-11-2013 Teatro Miela Trieste (It)
06-11-2013 Rock n Roll Arena Romagnano (It)
21-11-2013 Bluesgarage Hannover (De)
22-11-2013 Rockjungfer Arnstadt (De)
23-11-2013 Real Music Club Lauchhammer (De)
26-11-2013 Harmonie Bonn (De)
28-11-2013 Spirit of 66 Verviers (Be)
29-11-2013 Erdgrchoss Rock Zweibrucken (De)

Please visit Bonafide at:

Bonafide Band

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