Boddickers, Retro Bar, Manchester



Boddickers really bring a lively, friendly atmosphere, as their local fans gather round the stage area of Retro Bar. So they get off to a not so good start… first song drummer Jim Cattell snaps his drum stick and everything comes to a halt as he retrieves another.  Jim is an insane drummer strong technical ability and well ranked for impressive speed, put preparation is zero.
The overall sound for Boddickers is a hard one to define. You can hear a multitude of  influences ranging from a vast group of different genres. If you had to put a genre to it, it would be along the lines of atmospheric alternative modern hard rock. Tony Litherland vocalist and Guitarist, creates a eerie atmosphere with his guitar effects that makes your skin goose-pimple. The trio bring a abstract theatricality essence to it, that makes it unusual when heard, but intriguing.
I believe the rhythm section really holds this band together, however a practise of harmonies within the songs is a must. I felt it lacked rehearsal and needed more work to bring to the level of its true potential.
They performance style is very submerged within themselves, they consciously fall deep away from the audience when playing but in between songs fully engage in conversation.
I have to say sound quality was poor, the PA system in Retro Bar is atrocious and who ever the sound engineer was did a poor job on levels as they were all over the place. Lead vocals were drowned by backing and Jim’s pounding bass drum. It was a struggle to hear what he was actually singing about. Towards the end of the night the sound was worse, so bad I actually had to put my scarf over my ears which had ear plugs in too just because it hurt that much.
Overall the band introduced the songs off their new ‘self-titled’ EP that stunk of passion. The experimentation of dynamics and tempos were gripping and edgy. After a few songs I thought they had quite a feel of the Foo Fighters in their early stages.  Tonight Boddickers gave it what they had I hope next time I see them play live in a much better venue, so I can truly hear the real sound of Boddickers.


Line up of Boddickers.

Tony Litherland – Vocals Guitar Effects
Xan Holbrook – Vocals Bass Effects
Jim Cattell – Vocals Drums

Picture courtesy of Rosewelljam Photography

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