DYS – ‘(We Are) The Roadcrew’ (single)

Cover versions are awkward beasts. Often they take a well-loved favourite tune, mangle and distort it beyond all recognition, to the point where you want to vomit just at the thought of hearing it again. Often, they add a fresh new twist that has you looking at that old song in a new light. And often they are just faithful renditions of the toon in question, done with affection and passion.

This version of the old Motorhead classic, by veteran Boston straight-edge hardcore crew DYS, is very much in the latter category. It’s punky and effervescent, recapturing the rawness of the original: bassist Jonathan Anastas may not possess Lemmy’s deep rumbling growl, and Dave Smalley certainly doesn’t try to copy Mr Kilmister’s distinctive vocal style, instead giving it a more Mick Jones delivery, while the twin guitar attack of Adam Porris and Franz Stahl is sharp and the band certainly succeed in capturing the spirit of the original.

‘Roadcrew’ is the last in a series of four download-only singles which DYS have released to mark their recent return to action after a lengthy hiatus. Another well worth checking out is the manic ‘Sound Of Our Town’, about the music scene in their hometown of Boston, which even manages to namecheck sleaze rock gods Aerosmith.

Both singles, and other DYS goodies, are available from http://www.b9store.com/dys

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