Elmsfire – ‘Thieves Of The Sun’, cd review.

Hailing from Dusseldorf Germany, Elmsfire’s nucleus started back in 1999 with guitarists Germano and Doro deciding to forge ahead and create a band that would feed their passion for all things Metal.
It took a while but following a few line up changes and a couple of demos (Horizons in’05 and Serum in ‘07) Elmsfire in its present form took shape and this debut album born.
To call this debut a triumph would be a massive understatement, from the spoken word intro of ‘Towards The Gate Of Hercules’ through to album closer ‘Thieves Of The Sun’ there quite simply isn’t a single weak moment ,the band giving 8 tracks of unbridled , unstoppable and unrelenting Heavy Metal of the highest order, complimented with fantasy and mystical lyrics a plenty.
Production also is second to none, bringing the sometimes Acceptesque guitar sound to the fore against a very slick keyboard background.
Picking out individual tracks is difficult as despite each having a different story the whole album blends together and gels superbly well, try listening to songs such as ’Stormchild’ or ’Ahab’ without feeling compelled to throw the Horns in the air and bang your head, nigh impossible.
Last year saw the band sign to Massacre Records for a worldwide assault, watch this space.

Rating : 9/10.

Erdmann – Vocals.
Doro – Guitar.
Germano – Guitar.
Fritz – Bass.
Patrick – Drums.

Morten – Keyboards.

Track Listing;
1. Towards The Gate Of Hercules.
2. Worth A Tale.
3. Eolian.
4. Stormchild.
5. Escape.
6. Ahab.
7. Taipouri Ake Tonu Atu.
8. Thieves Of The Sun.

Out now via www.massacre-records.com

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