Bloodyard – Darker Rage

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On 10 May 2019
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Release date: 01/03/15.
Length: 13mins 36secs.
Fantastic EP. All thrash fans should have this.

Continuing my reviews of recorded releases from bands that performed at Hammerfest 2019 that I covered, it’s the turn of the awesome Bloodyard.

Whilst stood at the corner of the bar at Stage 2 on the Saturday evening, catching ten minutes ‘me’ time after an all day effort of watching, photographing, and interviewing some amazing bands, I heard something distinctive. The stage wasn’t visible due to the angle of where I was stood Vs the angle of the speakers, but a voice was crying out.

I guzzled my Strongbow Dark Fruits, clicked on my Canon lens and walked over to the stage. A casual flick of my ‘Pit Pass’ to the bouncer and I was in front of Bloodyard. Wow! She’s female!! Let’s cut a long story short. Amazing gig, got to see them again, got to review a release and give them some exposure.

And here we are. Bloodyard released this EP back in 2015. Four years later I will review this work of art and give it the acclaim it deserves. Opening track ‘Epitaph’   is raw and energetic. But what hits you initially is Donna Hurd’s voice, attacking, like a pissed off Chihuahua. There’s loads going on here and it’s got that raw ‘unmixed’ sound. I love it because it gives us that live  feel. Best way. Always will be.

‘Sacred to None’  starts with a mellow pace but it isn’t long before we are full blast unforgiving thrash. Again, Donna’s voice controlling everything. These guys are very similar music-wise and production-wise to early Nuclear Assault. Superb stuff as it leads us to the EP’s title track. As with the other tracks here it has that late 80’s / early 90’s feel to it. Loads of amazing ideas without the digital sounding era. If Bloodyard meant for this EP to have this late 80’s sound then I commend them. As for the track it’s a full onslaught of the thrash we love. Great guitar licks, brilliant drumming and vocals that defy the female logic.

EP closer ‘Dead Relics’   treats us to a little more of Bloodyard’s softer side…. for about 15 seconds!! The anger from this band is released through each member, together, each playing their part in this stunning EP. It may be four years old but this EP has years left in it. Go buy it. It’s amazing.

Track List:

1 – Epitaph

2 – Sacred To None

3 – Darker Rage

4 – Dead Relics



Bloodyard on stage @ Hammerfest 2019


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Release date: 01/03/15. Length: 13mins 36secs. Fantastic EP. All thrash fans should have this.

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