Bleed From Within – Uprising

CoverBritish metal lives. That’s very clear to see once you’ve caught your breath from the atom bomb that is Uprising, the third album by Bleed From Within. The Glaswegians have ruffled more than a few feathers since they formed nearly a decade ago,  and tours with the likes of Suicide Silence, While She Sleeps and Bury Tomorrow only increased their continuing momentum. And now, they’ve blown everyone out of the water with a stunning release that packs as much punch as Amir Khan.

There isn’t a dull moment on the album – it’s just one relentless mass of heaviness that slaps you across the face repeatedly and leaves you craving it even more. The press release states ‘Get out of the way or get flattened…’ but on the basis of this, being squashed like a pancake is SO much more fun. By the time It Lives In Me kicks in, which is only track number 3, you’ve already had to staple your ears back on because Colony has ripped them clean off the sides of your head, only to find that they’re gone again by the time Nothing, No One, Nowhere rolls around (track 4 – see the pattern emerging here?) Scott Kennedy’s vocals are simply fantastic – the rage that he produces is unbelievable, and works beautifully with the melodies and drums that are consistently of a high standard across all three tracks. To add to their repertoire, The World Around Us includes guest vocals from Cancer Bats’ very own Liam Cornier, adding even more fun into a very enjoyable record.

Catch them on tour next month and expect them to be huge by the end of this year – Bleed From Within thoroughly deserve to be on the strength of this. 9/10


Scott Kennedy – vocals
Craig ‘Goonzi’ Gowans – guitars
Martyn Evans – guitars
Davie Provan – bass
Ali Richardson – drums

Track Listing:

1) III
2) Colony
3) It Lives In Me
4) Nothing, No One, Nowhere
5) Escape Yourself
6) Strive
7) I Am Oblivion
8) Speechless
9) Our Divide
10) Uprising
11) The World Around Us
12) Leech
13) Devotion


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Twitter: @BleedFromWithin

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