MOLLLUST – Schuld.

Opera Metal for the connoisseur.


There comes from time to time an album that lands on your lap and hits you in a way that you were not expecting and I mean that in a good way.
Formed in 2010, Molllust have chosen a pretty unique musical path by combining Classical and Metal in a way that I can say I’ve not come across before. Yes there are multiple examples of bands that marry the raw power of Metal with the passion of Classical music but Molllust take it a step further.

This is top quality musicianship from start to finish, the strings are an absolute revelation providing the perfect foil for some serious Metal riffs to take control but not overpower. However, what bowled me over was the sublime and enchanting vocals of Janika Groß, a voice that stirs every emotion possible that dwells within your soul, if you can’t be moved by her voice then your feet must be set in concrete.
This isn’t a straightforward Metal album by any stretch of the imagination, listen to ‘Spiegelsee’ and you will find that we have an album that sits happier in the Classical camp but has that Rock element that allows it to cross over into our darker realm.

‘Puppentanz’ was another track that stood out for me, Janika’s warm Soprano voice guiding the whole piece along beautifully and allowed to roam freely against a solid guitar and piano background.
I’m not really sure what kind of live audience the band would attract, maybe a crowd dressed in evening suits but with a leather jacket wouldn’t be too far of the mark. Credit where credit’s due, Molllust have found a niche in the Opera Metal market and called it their own, it isn’t easy to make your product stand out in today’s market but this band have succeeded in doing just that.
Summing up, this is an album to put on, lie back and allow yourself to be completely absorbed by, stunning vocals, high class musicianship and thoroughly enjoyable.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;
1. Ouvertüre.
2. Sternennacht.
3. Alptraum.
4. Aufwind.
5. Spiegelsee.
6. Lied Zur Nacht.
7. Puppentanz.
8. Tanz des Feuers.
9. Errinerung.
10. Schatten.
11. Kartenhaus.

Molllust are;

Janika Groß – Vocals, Piano.
Frank Schumacher – Guitar, Vocals.
Sandrine B. – Electric Violin.
Lisa H. – Cello.
Johannes Hank – Bass.
Tommaso Soru – Drums.

Out now via Metalmessage.

Photos courtesy of Frank Helbig.



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