Black Francis new boxset released 22nd October

Black Francis new boxset is to be released on 22nd October. Includes 9 CDs, 129 tracks a 40-page booklet & music not available on CD before

Edsel is proud to present 07-11, a new collection of recordings by legendary American singer-songwriter Black Francis. Best known as the frontman of iconic alternative rock band Pixies, Black Francis’ music has inspired generations of musicians from Nirvana to Radiohead.

Compiled with the assistance of Black Francis himself, 07-11, released on 22nd October,  gathers together eight albums from one of the most prolific periods of his career.

“This period of recordings marks a time when I felt free to write albums, or bodies of work, that were organised under the banner of a theme or unified concept… Some of the stories are incomplete or they mutate into each other. It is not always beginning, middle, and end with a moral (thank the gods!) Sometimes they are just flashes of the unexplained. ” – Black Francis.

 This expansive new boxset features 129 tracks across nine CDs including five studio albums – ‘Bluefinger’ (2007), ‘Sv n F ng rs’ (2008), ‘The Golem’ (2010), ‘NonStopErotik’ (2010), and ‘Paley & Francis’ (2011). Plus, ‘Abbabubba’, a collection of B-sides, rarities and remixes, as well as two live albums ‘Live In Nijmegen’ and ‘Live At The Hotel Utah Saloon’ (which is released on CD for the very first time). 

All eight albums have been newly remastered for this release by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering at AIR.

Also includes a 40-page companion booklet featuring exclusive new artwork, along with an introduction and album-by-album liner notes by Black Francis himself.

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Demon Records is also proud to continue presenting the new series of vinyl reissues from Black Francis / Frank Black

On 10th September  2021, the next two records in the series of 12 are released and both these titles have never before been available on vinyl. Each is lovingly issued on 140g coloured vinyl:  ‘Sv n F ng rs’ will be available on white and orange split vinyl, and ‘Live in Nijmegen  as 2LPs on clear vinyl.

Sv n F ng rs is a seven-track mini-album first released in 2007. For this album, Black Francis wrote around the idea of demigods, starting with Cú Chulainn of Eire, who apparently had seven fingers and seven toes on each hand and foot.

“It’s stripped-down, minimal soloing, short, to the point, good for 20 minutes at a high rate of speed to get you the fuck out of town if only just.” – Black Francis. 

Captured in 2008 on the Bluefinger / Svn Fngrs tour, ‘Live in Nijmegen’ features Black Francis backed by Jason Carter and Dan Schmid on ferocious performances of tracks such as ‘Threshold Apprehension’, ‘You Can’t Break A Heart And Have It’ and ‘Get Away Oil’.

“Every once in awhile, the sound person or who ever manages to get a decent live recording in and sometimes they luck out and the band plays pretty good, too. This is one of those nights”– Black Francis.

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he 07-11, box set track listing:


  1. Captain Pasty
  2. Threshold Apprehension
  3. Test Pilot Blues
  4. Lolita
  5. Tight Black Rubber
  6. Angels Come To Comfort You
  7. Your Mouth Into Mine
  8. Discotheque 36
  9. You Can’t Break A Heart And Have It
  10. She Took All The Money
  11. Bluefinger


  1. The Seus
  2. Garbage Heap
  3. Half Man
  4. I Sent Away
  5. Seven Fingers
  6. Tale Of Lonesome Fetter
  7. When They Come To Murder Me


  1. Lake Of Sin
  2. O My Tidy Sum
  3. Rabbits
  4. Wheels
  5. Dead Man’s Curve
  6. Corrina
  7. Six Legged Man
  8. Wild Son
  9. When I Go Down On You
  10. Nonstoperotik
  11. Cinema Star
  12. Lost Mi Love (Bonus Track)
  13. Taint No Use (Bonus Track)
  14. Rocket USA (Bonus Track)
  15. The Grindsman (Bonus Track)


  1. Miriam And Florian Theme (Version 2)
  2. Makanujo
  3. Bad News
  4. The Flower Song
  5. (Oh How I Wish I Could) Stay
  6. The Word
  7. Astaroth
  8. The Obedient Servant
  9. The Maharal
  10. Little Stars Theme
  11. Miriam And Florian
  12. The Conjuring
  13. Meet Me At The Ghetto Gates
  14. Stars
  15. Custom All The Way
  16. You’re Gonna Pay
  17. The Word (Reprise)
  18. The Maharal (Reprise)


  1. Curse
  2. On The Corner
  3. Magic Cup
  4. Ugly Life
  5. Seal
  6. The Last Song
  7. Crescent Moon
  8. Deconstructed
  9. Praise
  10. Happy Shoes


  1. Abbabubba
  2. Serious Curious
  3. II Cuchaiao
  4. Alabaster
  5. Rabbits
  6. Dead Man’s Curve
  7. Polly’s Into Me
  8. The Seus (Infadels Remix)
  9. Ghost Coming
  10. The Water
  11. The Seus (Chareles Normal Remix)
  12. Do What You Want (Gyaneshwar)
  13. Get Away Oil
  14. The Sesus (Bloc Party Remix)
  15. Virginia Reel

CD 7 & 8 –

  1. I Burn Today
  2. Old Black Dawning
  3. Bluefinger
  4. Horrible Day
  5. Do What You Want (Gyaneshwar)
  6. Velouria
  7. Tight Black Rubber
  8. Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
  9. Headache
  10. Angels Come To Comfort You
  11. All My Ghosts
  12. The Water
  13. Wave Of Mutilation
  14. Massif Central
  15. I Heard Ramona Sing
  16. Bullet
  17. Test Pilot Blues
  18. The Holiday Song
  19. She Took All The Money
  20. Dead Man’s Curve
  21. Brackish Boy
  22. Sir Rockabye
  23. Mr. Grieves
  24. Your Mouth Into Mine
  25. I’ll Be Blue
  26. Broken Face
    [with ‘Sister Isabelle’ snippet]
  27. Nimrod’s Son
  28. Jumping Beans
  29. Cactus


  1. Get Away Oil
  2. I Sent Away
  3. When They Come To Murder Me
  4. Svn Fingers
  5. Do What You Want (Gyaneshwar)
  6. Halfman
  7. All Around The World
  8. (Talking)
  9. Dead Man’s Curve
  10. Bluefinger
  11. (Talking)
  12. Tight Black Rubber
  13. Test Pilot Blues
  14. Discotheque 36
  15. Your Mouth Into Mine
  16. She Took All The Money
  17. Angels Come To Comfort You
  18. Threshold Apprehension
  19. Can’t Break Heart And Have It
  20. (Talking)
  21. Lolita
  22. Captain Pasty
  23. Band Intro
  24. That Burnt Out Rock And Roll

The series of 2021 releases in full:

9 of these 12 vinyl releases have never been released on vinyl before.

19-Feb-21 Frank Black – The Cult Of Ray (Blue Vinyl)
previously available on vinyl in 1996
19-Feb-21 Frank Black – Oddballs (Silver Vinyl)
b sides compilation previously available on vinyl in 2013
14-May-21 Frank Black – Francis Black Francis (White Vinyl)
2LP previously unavailable on vinyl
14-May-21 Frank Black – Honeycomb (Translucent Honey Vinyl)
previously unavailable on vinyl
14-May-21 Black Francis – Fast Man Raider Man (Translucent Vinyl)
2LP previously unavailable on vinyl
23-July- 21 Black Francis- Bluefinger (Blue Vinyl)
previously unavailable on vinyl
23-July- 21 Black Francis – Live at the Hotel Utah Saloon (Red Vinyl)
2LP previously unavailable on vinyl
10-Sep-21 Black Francis – Svn Fngrs (Orange and White split Vinyl)
previously unavailable on vinyl
10-Sep-21 Black Francis – Live in Nijmegen (Clear Vinyl)
2LP previously unavailable on vinyl

22-Oct-21 Black Francis – 07-11
9 CD box set

26-Nov-21 Black Francis – NonStopErotik ( Silver Vinyl)
previously unavailable on vinyl
26-Nov-21 Black Francis – The Golem (White Vinyl)
previously unavailable on vinyl
26-Nov-21 Paley & Francis – Paley & Francis (Clear Vinyl)
previously unavailable on vinyl

Black Francis releases 9 CD boxset out 22nd October 2021includes 40 page booklet & music not available on CD before

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