Frank Black and The Catholics – The Complete Studio Albums box set released on 8th July

On 8th July Demon Records release Frank Black and The Catholics – The Complete Studio Albums box set. This superb box set includes 3 albums never before available on vinyl.

Between 1998 and 2003, Frank Black and co. released six albums under the ‘Frank Black And The Catholics’ moniker. All recorded live and direct to two-track tape, the albums are some of the most energised, raw, and essential of Frank Black’s career. 

For almost two decades, the Catholics’ studio albums have been out of print or unavailable on vinyl. Now, Demon Records is proud to present ‘The Complete Studio Albums’ boxset featuring all six original releases expertly remastered from the original studio tapes and pressed on heavyweight 180g clear vinyl.


Includes all six studio albums – ‘Frank Black And The Catholics’ (1998), ‘Pistolero’ (1999), ‘Dog In The Sand’ (2001) [first time on vinyl], ‘Black Letter Days’ (2002) [2LP, first time on vinyl] ‘Devil’s Workshop’ (2002) [first time on vinyl], and ‘Show Me Your Tears’ (2003). 

Each album is pressed on 180g clear vinyl and housed in printed inner sleeves along with outer sleeves featuring spot gloss detailing. All 80 tracks have been newly remastered from the original studio tapes by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering at AIR. 

The albums are housed together in a rigid outer sleeve and accompanied by a 32-page booklet featuring new liner notes by Catholics producer/engineer Ben Mumphrey plus unseen and rare photographs by Steve Gullick. 

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Frank Black and The Catholics The Complete Studio Albums box set tracklist 

LP 1 – Frank Black And The Catholics Side A 1. All My Ghosts 2.Back To Rome 3. Do You Feel Bad About It? 4. Dog Gone 5. I Gotta Move 6. I Need Peace Side B 1. King & Queen Of Siam 2. Six-Sixty-Six 3. Solid Gold 4. Steak ’N’ Sabre 5. Suffering 6. The Man Who Was Too Loud 

LP 2 – Pistolero Side A 1. Bad Harmony 2. I Switched You 3. Western Star 4. Tiny Heart 5. You’re Such A Wire 6. I Love Your Brain 7. Smoke Up Side B 1. Billy Radcliffe 2. So Hard To Make Things Out 3. 85 Weeks 4. I Think I’m Starting To Lose It 5. I Want Rock & Roll 6. Skeleton Man 7. So. Bay 

LP 3 – Dog In The Sand* Side A 1. Blast Off 2. I’ve Seen Your Picture 3. St. Francis Dam Disaster 4. Robert Onion 5. Stupid Me6. Bullet Side B 1 . The Swimmer 2. Hermaphroditos 3. I’ll Be Blue 4. Llano Del Rio5. If It Takes All Night 6. Dog In The Sand 

LP 4 & 5 – Black Letter Days* Side A 1. The Black Rider2. California Bound 3. Chip Away Boy 4. Cold Heart Of Stone5. Black Letter DaySide B 1. Valentine And Garuda 2. How You Went So Far 3. End Of Miles 4. 1826Side C 1. The Farewell Bend 2. Southbound Bevy 3. I Will Run After You 4. True Blue 5. Jane The Queen Of Love Side D 1. Jet Black River 2. 21 Reasons3. Whispering Weeds 4. The Black Rider 

LP 6 – Devil’s Workshop* Side A 1. Velvety 2. Out Of State 3. His Kingly Cave 4. San Antonio, TX 5. Bartholomew Side B 1. Modern Age 2. Are You Headed My Way? 3. Heloise 4. The Scene 5. Whiskey In Your Shoes 6. Fields Of Marigold 

LP 7 – Show Me Your Tears Side A 1. Nadine 2. Everything Is New 3. My Favourite Kiss 4. Jaina Blues 5. New House Of The Pope6. Horrible Day Side B 1. Massif Centrale 2. When Will Happiness Find Me Again? 3. Goodbye Lorraine 4. This Old Heartache 5. The Snake 6. Coastline 7. Manitoba 

 *First time on vinyl 


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