Frank Black And The Catholics to release ‘Snake Oil’ and ‘Live At Melkweg (Expanded Edition)’ on vinyl

Frank Black And The Catholics 

 ‘Snake Oil’ and ‘Live At Melkweg (Expanded Edition)’

both released on these vinyl formats for the first time

on 20th January 2023

On 20th  January 2023 Demon Records release two Frank Black And The Catholics albums, which have never been previously available on these vinyl formats.  

Both ‘Snake Oil’ and  ‘Live At Melkweg (Expanded Edition)’ are lovingly issued on 140g vinyl: ‘Snake Oil’ has only been released digitally before, while ‘Live At Melkweg (Expanded Edition)’  will be available on 3 LPs featuring the 38 song show in its entirety, including 18 previously unreleased tracks.

Between 1998 and 2003, Frank Black and Co. released six albums under the ‘Frank Black And The

Catholics’ moniker. All recorded live and direct to two-track tape, the music created with the

Catholics is some of the most energised, raw, and essential of Frank Black’s career. ‘Snake Oil’ is a

collection of cover versions recorded in the studio during this prolific period.

Highlights include thunderous takes of Bob Dylan’s ‘Changing Of The Guards’, Bruce Springsteen’s

‘I’m Going Down’, and Angst’s ‘Some Things (I Can’t Get Used To)’.

This is the first physical release of ‘Snake Oil’, and has been newly remastered by Phil Kinrade at AIR Mastering, with new artwork featuring photographs by Steve Gullick.

Recorded on tour in support of 2001’s ‘Dog In The Sand’ album, ‘Live At Melkweg’ captures Frank Black And The Catholics at the peak of their powers, tearing through an expansive setlist which touches on all corners of Frank Black’s vast catalogue.

An essential release for Frank Black fans, ‘Live At Melkweg’ marks the first time a complete Catholics’ show has been officially released. This newly expanded edition features the 38-song show in its entirety 

Highlights include a haunting take on Pixies ‘Gouge Away’, Frank Black classic ‘Headache’, and selections from the Catholics’ repertoire including ‘I Will Run After You’ and ‘21 Reasons’ which would later be recorded for their acclaimed ‘Black Letter Days’ album.

Newly remastered by Thaddeus Moore at Liquid Mastering, ‘Live At Melkweg’  is housed in a deluxe triple gatefold sleeve with spot UV detailing.

To pre-order ‘Snake Oil’ and ‘Live At Melkweg (Expanded Edition)’ go to:

‘Snake Oil’ tracklist 

Side 1

1. Take What You Want

2. Belle Isle

3. Some Things (I Can’t Get Used To)

4. The Big Hurt

5. Do Nothing

6. I’m Going Down


Side 2

1. Down In The Hole

2. Snake Oil

3. Changing Of The Guards

4. Sleep

‘Live At Melkweg (Expanded Edition)’ tracklist:

Side 1

1. Velvety

2. I Love Your Brain

3. Men In Black

4. Fiddle Riddle

5. The Black Rider

6. Mr. Grieves

7. Steak ‘N’ Sabre

Side 2

1. Calistan

2. Blast Off

3. Gouge Away

4. John The Revelator

5. I’ll Be Blue

Side 3

1. Skeleton Man

2. Hermaphroditos

3. Six-Sixty-Six

4. All My Ghosts

5. Monkey Gone To Heaven

6. So Hard To Make Things Out

Side 4

1. Llano Del Rio

2. The Holiday Song

3. Some Things (I Can’t Get Used To)

4. 21 Reasons

5. Every Time I Go Around Here

6. Fu Manchu

Side 5

1. Robert Onion

2. I’ve Seen Your Picture

3. Dog Gone

4. Headache

5. Dirty Old Town

6. Bullet

7. Nimrod’s Son

Side 6

1. You’re Such A Wire

2. I Will Run After You

3. Dog In The Sand

4. Where Is My Mind?

5. Oddball

6. Dancing The Manta Ray

7. If It Takes All Night

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