Black Coast – Vodka Smile (single)

Black Coast

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On 19 April 2021
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More like a vodka snarl than a vodka smile.

Stoke based Black Coast stoke up the fire and the flames of Hell with their recently released single ‘Vodka Smile’. This gnarly nugget is definitely 100% proof and not 37.5% especially from the vocal rant of Charlie Hewitt with a real lung shredding delivery.

From the off they take no prisoners with a bottom end rumble as big as Kim Kardashian’s, snares snap harder than a man trap, guitars batter and bruise but earworm lines pop up to add brief touches of sanity and this very volatile song ends on an apocalyptic outro. Job done and it’s available Worldwide on all streaming platforms.

Band and purchase links are here :- …….. ……

Black Coast band line up :-

Charlie Hewitt – Lead Vocals.

Joe Mayer – Guitar.

Scott Pinnington – Guitar.

Jack Beardsall – Bass Guitar.

Matty Clarke – Drums.

More like a vodka snarl than a vodka smile.

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