Black Acid Souls – Deadly Sins

Formed in Northampton in 2008, this five piece tour-de-force are unveiling their self-funded debut album Deadly Sins on 25th August 2012. It follows on the heels of their debut single No Mans Land released back in 2010, reaching an impressive number 44 in the Rock Metal Chart. The band have been gigging non-stop in support of such bands as Cancer Bats, Heavens Basement and Tesseract.

Where to start? and where to place these guys in the ever increasing pigeon holes of the Metal World? Chuck in some thrash, some grunge, some classic rock, blend it all together and you get this jewel of the music world. Deadly Sins, a 13 track triumph of modern metal.

Album opener Steel and Thunder opens with a bang, literally, with the idling engine of some crazy monster-machine and launches into a classic sounding metal track that you will swear you’ve known all your life and that you will find yourself singing for days.

Deadly Sins slows the pace down with a haunting acoustic intro that will literally raise the hairs on the back of your neck as it builds slowly and powerfully into a mixture of memorable riffs and evocative melodies. Some brilliant drumming and vocals take this to a new level.

Black Acid Soul takes us in another direction, akin to the sounds of Testament with a great chorus and sound, if by now, you’re not buried deeply in this album then something is seriously wrong!

Wasted is without a doubt a highlight of this brilliant album. Again the guitars are blistering and relentless with riffs and a unique sound that metal has been wanting in the last few years of wannabe-cool bands.

From its suggestive title and ohh-err “Yes! Yes!” beginning, Porn Star is sure to raise an eyebrow or two. Reminiscent of early Blackie Lawless in its lyrical content and attitude it again takes the album in a different direction, sure to raise a chuckle or two for all the right reasons.

This musical journey that has seen a diversity of topics, genres and musical style comes to an end on track 13 with Seekers Blood.  A Four minute unrelenting attack in the vein of Slayer/Overkill, definitely a highlight of the album and where there may have been a propensity to overstretch and overfill the album, it definitely doesn’t over step its welcome, needs all 13 tracks, and will most definitely leave you wanting more.

Deadly Sins is due for release on August 25th


Track Listing:
1. Steel And Thunder
2. Deadly Sins
3. Black Acid Soul
4. No Mans Land
5. Lies In Your Eyes
6. Shadow Of A Raven
7. Wasted
8. Rise Up
9. Life And Death
10. Porn Star
11. Precious Possession
12. Circus of Bitch
13. Seekers Blood

Black Acid Souls are:
Flakey – Vocals
Chubbs – Guitar
Tweek – Guitar
Gruff – Bass
Dover – Drums


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