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Working man

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On 11 December 2023
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Bernie Marsden leaves us a stunning legacy, with his new studio album Working Man.

Bernie Marsden (Bernard John Marsden), born May 7th 1951 – August 24th 2023 will be sadly missed, but leaves us with his recently released, final studio album Working Man, via Conquest Music, with the great man self producing it. The album consists of twelve brand new Bernie Marsden penned tracks.

A limited first edition pressing of the LP and CD will come with a special bonus disc of ten new recordings. Planet Rockstock has paid tribute by renaming its main stage to The Bernie Marsden Stage, and Steelhouse Festival will honour the legendary artist with the opening night dubbed #Berniefest.

Album opener ‘Being Famous’, is a full on tub thumper that bumps and grinds over lyrics that portray life on the road of highs and lows. Choruses are shout em out loud and proud, with nirvana being reached by a midway, razor sharp guitar solo.

A tearjerking opening vocal to ‘Midtown’ is a heart worn on its sleeve sumptuous ballad. Added piano provides touching nuances par excellence towards stratospheric height choruses .

‘Longtime’, another heart melter, makes for an early album highlight. Acoustic guitar lines meander around electric guitar parts, creating poignant passages.

A ground shaking drum intro for ‘Invisible’ is punctuated by ear rattling riffs, as Bernie pitches high and mighty throughout the fiery choruses.

‘Son I’ve Never Known’, is not just a song, but also a tale told of how a life in music affects relationships, but break ups sometimes are mended, perfectly captured by his lyrics.

‘Steelhouse Mountain’ is a short but sweet, stunning guitar heavy instrumental of electric and chiming acoustic guitars.

‘Working Man’, is a dirt under the fingernails rocker, but still soothes the soul from honey coated choruses.

Once again, stadium filling choruses are the order of the day to provide a backdrop for the soul searching verses, ending on a stunning guitar laden crescendo for ‘Valentine’s Day’.

‘Savannah’ is another ballad to his arsenal of songs that you don’t just hear, you feel them to, as they make your day, a whole lot better!

‘Bad Reputation’ ambles along sure footed via a languid main riff. Bernie delivers his lyrics with a drawl, until it takes on another life with gospel tinged choruses and a spotlight stealing guitar solo.

The lyrics to ‘Bad Reputation’ are beauty personified, that entwine themselves over a musical backdrop of sparse drum patterns and dreamy vibes.

The album ends way too soon, as ‘The Pearl’ is not just a pearl, but the jewel in the crown to close this outstanding album. This brief instrumental finishes it’s task in just over two laid back minutes of gentle chords, swirling keys and earworm percussion.

A purchase link to the Working Man album is here :- / / /

Fran Marsden states “Having been married to Bernie for over four decades, Bernie would be excited to finally get his latest work out in the World. He was passionate about doing an album of his own songs again, and was extremely proud of the result”.

Working Man album track listing :-

Being Famous.




Son I’ve Never Known.

Steelhouse Mountain.

Working Man.

Valentine’s Day.


Bad Reputation.

You Know.

The Pearl.

Bernie Marsden leaves us a stunning legacy, with his new studio album Working Man.

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