Beastmilk – Climax (Svart)

Beastmiltumblr_inline_mxafsreqXg1sopg96k were formed in Helsinki Finland in 2010. Formed by the aptly named Goatspeed and Kvohst to create what they describe as “apocalyptic post-punk.” They were quickly picked up by the Svart label after the release of their debut demo “White Stains On Black Tape” which sold out fast and earned the attention of Darkthrone’s Fenriz, who made it one of his favorites of 2010. During 2013 after touring with Solstafir they recorded their debut full-length album in Boston, USA, with the legendary Kurt Ballou (Converge). Once you get by the dreadful cover which reminds me of that famous Moby record the confusion does not end. There are influences in here from bands far outside the traditional rock metal spectrum beware! The opening track “Death Reflects Us”  sounds like the Cure on speed with the chaos of Samhain and Morrissey on vocals. Read that back! sounds like a horrorshow for the ears? You could never be more wrong – this is uplifting and damn good goth styled rock for a disinterested generation. All the good goths have got old and are now on the nostalgia trip, Beastmilk despite the despicable name have come along and dragged the hand dances into the present with a spring in its step. It takes the hints left on the latest In Solitude record and the blueprint by A Pale Horse Named Death and takes it out of the metal arena and into somewhere entirely different but somewhat familiar. “You are Now Under Our Control” introduces Joy Division worship with its awkward rhythm and lazy vocal before introducing a repetitive chorus underpinned by a driving bass line, handclaps and thumping toms. “Ghosts out of focus” channels the Cure circa “Disentegration” with the tortured vocal and melancholy melodies. Every song on here is a sure fire winner and if it catches on will fill the dance floors worldwide. This is a great rock record which takes a traditional idea and brings it to life for a new audience, there is nothing hiding in here but great melodies, big choruses and succinct songs which will embed themselves in your head in no time at all. They really have not missed anything on here from the construction of the songs, through the running order right down to the production, hell this could almost be called perfect. Of course the more metal than thou types will instantly dismiss this out of hand. A brilliant record and one that will be referred to in years to come as one that stuck its head above the pulpit.


  1. Death Reflects Us
  2. The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls
  3. Genocidal Crush
  4. You Are Now Under Our Control
  5. Ghosts Out Of Focus
  6. Nuclear Winter
  7. Fear Your Mind
  8. Love In a Cold World
  9. Surf the Apocalypse
  10. Strange Attractors



Goatspeed – guitars

Kvohst – voice

Arino – bass

Paile – drums


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