Bai Bang: singer Diddi Kastenholt video interview Call of the Wild Festival Sunday 26 May 2019

Bai Bang singer Diddi Kastenholt joins PlanetMosh for an in-depth chat about his band Bai Bang.

Swedish glam rockers Bai Bang have just finished playing the Kilmister stage at Call of the Wild Festival.  We meet Diddi in the press area and take a seat on the terrace, where he shares with us his experiences of touring and performing, one of which included playing at a friends cheese shop, his friendship Gloria Jones and his love of Marc Bolan.

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Bai Bang also has a new own brand beer out and a new  CD called ‘Best of Four’ to be released on May 31, 2019 via Lion’s Pride Music.


Bai Bang info:


Following the success of the weekend, and with bigger things planned for next years Call of the Wild Festival, they have released a limited number of early bird tickets which you can buy here:

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