Axecatcher – Sparks & Spears

Axecatcher - Cover ArtAxecatcher are a trio from the town of Limavady, an otherwise innocuous and inoffensive town perched in the north west corner of jolly ol’ Norn Iron which most people tend to find only if they take the wrong turning on the road to the current so-called “UK City Of Culture”, Derry-Londonderry (note the apologetic hyphenation and double “derry-ing” dear English readers – we’re not allowed to offend anyone over in this little corner of the world any more, so we have to make things doubly complicated for you lot… well, after all, that’s why Irish jokes are so simple, innit?).

OK, I’m being facetious – but, I’m allowed to be… anyway, back to the matter in hand…

Axecatcher are three lads who play hardcore music – plain, simple, hardcore – no fucking airs and graces about these bais!  ‘Circle Pit Roller Derby’ is designed to do that, an anarchic, swirling blast of pure punk aggression which is followed through with the brutal ‘Seismic Toss’ (where did my leave my earthquake measuring thingy?) while ‘Methuselah’ is a short, sharp shock and the fantastic ‘Youfinder’ brings the EP full circle with its aggressive, in your face posturing.

A fine debut from a very promising young band.  I look forward to getting caught in one of their pits in the not too distant future!

Track list:

1. Circle Pit Roller Derby

2. Seismic Toss

3. Methuselah

4. Youfinder

Find out more about Axecatcher at their official Facebook page:

‘Sparks & Spears’ is out now as a very strictly limited edition cassette from Savour Your Scene Records:

Axecatcher play The Thomas House, Thomas Street, Dublin, with Lantern For A Gale, Harboured, Hollow Truth and 24 Broken Amps, on Friday May 3rd:

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