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On 20 September 2021
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Avarus show they are unparalleled with these seven tracks on their debut EP Parallels.

Well this is a classic example of Groundhog Day as TWO Blackpool based bands, both with Rock People Management have recently released their debuts, the first being Avarus with their Parallels EP.

Made up of seven seismic tracks it hits the ground running with opener ‘Plight’ as a quickfire rant from lead vocalist Lucas Fletcher then knuckles down for some downtuned riffing and earworm guitar fills are all pinned down by complex drum patterns from Becky Slater. Stuttering riffs take over until it briefly slows down midway for an ambient pause for breath until the madness unfurls for a cataclysmic outro featuring lead guitar from Jay Wagner and bass guitar from Mikey Pilgrim.

A catchy bass intro riff is taken on by guitar to give ‘Pain And Contention’ a gruelling grind towards a burst of energy chorus but that main riff is never too far away in the brutal midsection that increases the bombast levels towards an outro of skin flaying guitar solos.

‘Nothing Left To Save’ (the second single released from Parallels) sees a supreme vocal masterclass from Lucas as he rages over a mauling musical backdrop of thick riffs that follow an eerie mood setting intro as it continues to a writhing midsection.

Just when you think it can’t get any heavier, ‘Sadist’ sums up what they are doing to your hearing by slamming out shockwave grooves and touches of industrial metal put a thrilling twist to the song, especially in the caustic outro.

‘Vultures’ (the first single released) takes no prisoners as it tears along on buzzsaw riffing and kick drum overload to test the metal mettle of your speakers. Catchy but still heavy riffs ease in and out of the madness.

‘Parallels’ is another gargantuan grinder propelled by impressive snare work as Lucas roars with aplomb that must make for a dead cert pit opener.

One final assault sees ‘Wasted Amity’ be my favourite song. It’s four minutes of calm inducing ambience at odds with a dramatic lead vocal and the riffs sound like they are trying to knock down your doors such is their power. A claustrophobic midsection contains throat grabbing riffs and tribal drum patterns are the icing on the cake!

Purchase links to Parallels and band info are here :- https://www.avarus.co.uk/ I https://lnkfi.re/parallels Ihttps://twitter.com/avarus_official I https://www.instagram.com/avarus_official/https://www.avarus.co.uk/product/parallels-ephttps:/ I https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=AVARUS+

Avarus band line up :-

Lucas Fletcher – Lead Vocals/Guitar.

Jay Wagner – Lead Guitar.

Becky Slater – Drums.

Mikey Pilgrim – Bass Guitar/Vocals.

Parallels EP track listing :-


Pain And Contention.

Nothing Left To Save.




Wasted Amity.

Avarus show they are unparalleled with these seven tracks on their debut EP Parallels.

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