Atreyu Premiere New Video For “So Others May Live” 


Atreyu, one of the most prominent bands of the ’00s American metal scene, exited a period of self-imposed dormancy in 2014 to the delight of fans. They played several shows. They released a brand new song, “So Others May Live,” which became an instant social media trending topic. The song touched on an important topical issue-what veterans who serve our country feel and experience upon returning home from duty. The song’s heartfelt subject was matched by its musical heft.


Now, the So Cal band has premiered the video for the song via Alternative Press. Watch it HERE


In addition to this adrenalized live video, which proves that Atreyu have not lost a step since returning to action and that they are as vital and vibrant as they ever were, the band will participate in Record Store Day, which is Saturday, April 18.


They will release a 7″ featuring both “So Others May Live” and the brand new track “When the Day Is Done.” These are the first new Atreyu songs to surface in years.


This live footage, which captures the band in its most natural state, was filmed at The Observatory in Atreyu’s native California in December of 2014.


As for the video? The clip truly captures the electrifying essence and vibe that is always present at an Atreyu concert, due to the exchange of energy between the band and its dedicated fans.  It also puts the viewer front and center, as though you were pressed up against the barrier after taking a whirl in the pit.


AP recently got the exclusive scoop from front man Alex Varkatzas about the recording process for the new album. Read about the progress and where the album fits in the Atreyu catalog HERE.


A brand new Atreyu album will be released later this year via the joint venture partnership between Raw Power Management’s Search & Destroy label and Spinefarm Records.


But for now, Atreyu are happy to provide the visual in the form of this video. Try not to break a sweat while watching it.


The metal world, be it lovers or haters, is ready for the Atreyu resurgence now more than ever. Expect more exciting Atreyu news and content in the coming months.

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