Aosoth – IV

Aosoth Cover ArtThis fourth album from French blackened death metallers Aosoth is suitably dark, punishingly brutal and apocalyptically nihilistic.

Built on barbaric rhythms and crushing riffs, topped with the sort of evil vocal that the Lord of Hades himself would struggle to imitate, it’s by turns depressively dirge-like and neck-snappingly fast, but in a way which is as effective as it is displeasingly pleasureable.

It’s an album which, while not pushing any boundaries, superbly encapsulates all that is best about the modern BM/DM crossover scene, with its mixture of evil intent and masterful delivery.  Essential listening for all fans of the genre.


An Arrow In Heart / One With The Prince With A Thousand Enemies / Temple Of Knowledge / Under Nails And Fingertips / Broken Dialogue 1 / Broken Dialogue 2 / Ritual Marks of Penitence

‘IV’ is out now on Agonia Records.

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