Anterior – Echoes of the Fallen

‘Echoes of the Fallen’ is a masterful follow on album from their very successful debut album ‘This Age Of Silence’ It highlights how the guys have grown both lyrically and musically over the last 4 years and how strong the current line up is.

From the first opening chords you can certainly hear the difference in between this and their last release. This album is much more defined and more technical at times, this is more apparent after you have given another listen or two; it stands out how far they have progressed and are willing to try out and incorporate new techniques and styles

‘Echoes’ is packed with tight playing from the entire band. Brutal riffs, ear tingling solos driven along by the pounding beat hammered out by James C, combined with Luke vocals and growls, which are top notch, strong and commanding demanding you listen to his every word. There is a melodic groove feel through the album without compromising any of the brutality of it.

This is fantastic second album and proves that Anterior can compete & stand out against the big names. All the touring seems to have matured their outlook musically wise and you can hear and feel it when you play it!

I am looking forward to hearing the new tracks live when Anterior tour the UK in October.

Rating – 9/10

Track List

1.  To Live Not Remain

2.  Blood In The Throne Room

3.  Tyranny

4.  Of Gods And Men

5.  By Horror Haunted

6.  Echoes Of The Fallen

7.  The Evangelist

8.  Sleep Soundly No More

9.  Venomous

10.  Senora De Las Sombras

Band members

Luke Davies – Vocals

Leon Kemp – Lead Guitar

Steven Nixon – Lead Guitar

James Britton – Bass

James Cook – Drums

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