Prehate – We Don`t March Alone (CD)

Prehate, hail from South Tyrol, Italy and formed in 2007. After the success of their debut album “2012” the guys haven´t stalled with their efforts to grow and started off a new chapter in their history. In February 2011 the band entered Noiseheadstudios in Austria to produce ‘We don`t March Alone’, along with musical leading of producer Mario Jezik.

‘We don`t March Alone’ roars into action from the onset and keeps the pace up throughout. Superbly created with solid chucky riffs, ballsy bass lines, drums hammering along behind and the maiming vocals from Matthias! Each track delivers a power packed punch both musically and lyrically.

Fans of Lamb Of God, Devildriver definitely check out Prehate as they are similar style yet different. They are carving out their own distinctive niche in a massive metal market.

Rating 8/10

Track list

1 Such a sad Place

2 Violent Words

3 We don`t March Alone

4 Painless

5 The Deception

6 Was it Suicide

7 Leave behind all Things Materia

8 Nothing Proves our Existance

9 Two sights, one Opinion

10 My Decision


Band Members

Matthias Gasser: Vocals
Hannes Hofer: Guitar
Roberto Motta: Drums
Alan La Roca: Bass


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