Dominanz – As I Shine (CD)

Hailing from Norway gives any band kudos to start with, but having ex members of Cult of Deception, Immortal and Thy Grief in the line-up can only mean you’re going to get noticed.
Although the band’s roots are deeply embedded in the Norwegian Black Metal core, this cleverly constructed 10 track CD blends elements of Doom and Industrial Gothic with ease, no more so than on the anthemic ‘Agony and Domination’, and the beautifully dark ‘As I Shine’. Where Dominanz score however, is in the way they have managed to avoid dropping into any of the above pigeonholes by incorporating great melody and structure into this release, while maintaining the band’s obvious hard-hitting Metal values. This is no more evident than on the excellent ‘Last Day of Your Life’.
However, don’t expect many tracks based around sunshine and skipping through summer meadows, as lyrically, the band draw heavily on the bleak darker side of life and the passage into and beyond death itself.
With tour dates currently being planned and new material already being penned, the future shows great promise based on this impressive debut, which should appeal to a wide spectrum of Metal fans.
Rating: 8/10.

01. Infinity
02. Agony and Domination
03. As I Shine
04. Eternal Sin
05. Abusos
06. The Philanthropic
07. Last Day Of Your Life
08. Man On Top
09. From Skin to Heart
10. The End Of All There Is
Band Members:
Roy Nordaas – Vocal, Bass, Guitar, Synth (ex Cult of Deception)
Jørn Tunsberg – Guitar (Hades Almighty, ex Immortal, Old Funeral)
Frode Gaustad – Drums (ex Thy Grief)


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