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On 26 March 2017
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Solennial is the 4th album from Birmingham based Alunah.


Solennial is the fourth album from Birmingham based foursome Alunah.  If you like your doom metal a bit old style and with a folk slant then this is the album for you.  Band Members: Sophie Day – Vocals & Guitar, David Day – Guitar, Daniel Burchmore – Bass, Jake Mason – Drums.

The album kicks off with The Dying Soul with its simple chord progressions giving the album that old school Sabbath feel.  Lead singer Sophie Day in stark contrast to the heavy chords provides a lighter side that is found throughout as we move from track to track.  Light Of Winter has that similar feel with fuzzy chords and bass mixing with a few simple but creative guitar solos.  Then by complete surprise I found myself singing along to Feast Of Torches without a care in the world.  Just how did that happen?  I was supposed to be having an objective ear to critically review.  Maybe that tells a story in itself.  The Reckoning Of Time and Fire Of Thornborough Henge are full on Sabbath again with that extra vocal twist from Sophie.

Petrichor and Lugh’s Assembly are slightly lighter and to mention the word Goth whilst not completely accurate does give an indication of how the feel of these songs is different to what has gone before.

To end the album we have a cover version of A Forest by The Cure.  Albeit a much slower and heavier version to start.  I wasn’t sure this would work but after several listens it does grow on you.  It is not for everyone but is a good example of a band taking a classic and making it their own.

A short number of live dates are lined up and on this evidence I’ll be sure to catch them in Edinburgh.

Tour Dates:

1st March: The Chameleon  – Nottingham

6th April: The Flapper – Birmingham

7th April: Bannermans – Edinburgh

8th April: Rebellion – Manchester

9th April: The Lounge – London


Solennial Track Listing:

1 The Dying Soil

2 Light Of Winter

3 Feast Of Torches

4 The Reckoning Of Time

5 Fire Of Thornborough Henge

6 Petrichor

7 Lugh’s Assembly

8 A Forest

Label: Svart Records

Release Date: 17th March 2017

Solennial is the 4th album from Birmingham based Alunah.

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