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On 26 March 2017
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Obituary, one of the pioneers of death metal, assault the senses with their self titled tenth album.


After listening to rock/metal for almost forty years, albums that really grab me by the scruff of the neck are few and far between but the self titled tenth album by Tampa Bay death metallers Obituary can be added to the list. The atmosphere they create on this ten track monster rivals Bonded By Blood by Exodus or Reign In Blood by Slayer.

Ten tracks in at just over thirty minutes mean a short, sharp shock to the senses as the knockout punch drumming from long standing member Donald Tardy on opening track ‘Brave’ and furious buzzsaw riffing provide the foil for the unholy barks and hellish screams from his brother John, another original member along with Trevor Perez on rhythm guitar. The foot is kept firmly on the accelerator as another manic main riff opens ‘Sentence Day’ as over the top guitar solos vie with melodic lead touches.

‘Lesson In Vengeance’, is what can only be described as upbeat doom if such a thing exists as bluesy solos show a different side to the band. ‘End It Now’ is a real slammer from the off as unrelenting riffing morphs into a grinding chug with John pleading the song title as it heads off into a heads down headbanger. ‘Kneel Before Me’ totally engulfs the listener with a cloak of bleak riffs and the evil of ‘It Lives’ exists via a leering vocal delivery backed by undulating riffs. A black cloud of doom smothers ‘Betrayed’ as a brief shaft of light comes from piercing guitar solos by Kenny Andrews.

Hammer blow drums steamroller the heavy tale of woe throughout ‘Turn To Stone’ which is followed by my album highlight ‘Straight To Hell’. Punishing riffs that ooze over almost jazzy drumming lead to an interminable grind as John digs deep into his lungs to repeat over and over the refrain of “Gonna let your head hang down, put another bullet in” as the song stomps to a bitter end. Album closer ‘Ten Thousand Ways To Die’ is a final assault of rage with John’s most unhinged vocal backed by a seismic musical shroud.

Released via Relapse Records, Obituary is the perfect way to unleash those inner demons!

Album track listing :-


Sentence Day.

Lesson In Vengeance.

End It Now.

Kneel Before Me.

It Lives.


Turned To Stone.

Straight To Hell.

Ten Thousand Ways To Die.

Obituary band line up :- 

Terry Butler – Bass guitar.

Donald Tardy – Drums.

Trevor Perez – Rhythm guitar.

Kenny Andrews – Lead guitar.

John Tardy – Vocals.




Obituary, one of the pioneers of death metal, assault the senses with their self titled tenth album.

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