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On 9 February 2015
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A sound so stripped back to the bone, you can almost taste the marrow






I do not, as a rule, review albums that have been out for a considerable length of time, unless it is a classic Metal album from the distant past that is celebrating a milestone anniversary of course. However, in the case of Agatha’s “Gravis Atque Gravior”, I am prepared to burn the rule book, and throw caution to the wind.

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The female duo from Milan have been peddling their wares for over ten years now, releasing “Gravis..” in 2014, very much on a shoestring and with very little promotional exposure. Black Birch and Chaos Rural Records have now decided to give it a well  warranted second push, and so here we are.

Branded as Sludge/Doom/Punk, I had no inkling of what lay in store, bar a few snippets gleaned from You Tube. The first thing to hit me was the sheer raw intensity and downright dirty stance taken. A sound stripped back so far to the bone that I could almost taste the marrow. Incredibly complex in its simplicity, with a guitar sound that reverberates through the rib cage, and a drum beat to smash through walls, this is as pure and undiluted as it gets.

The sound is edgy and dangerous from the off, giving me an early Motorhead meets My Ruin vibe. Opener “1981” sets the scene for a raucous and devilish album that deviates little from its aim of delivering an uncluttered, no frills Metal experience that sticks two fingers up at all the over produced, sanitised, emotionally deceased dross that seems to have become the accepted norm in today’s market. The vocal rasping of Pamela, whilst being barely coherent, cement and embellish the overall sound, becoming an extra musical instrument in effect, rather than attempting to preach or offer a storyline. Claudia (drums) puts in an immensely powerful stint, keeping the intentionally fluid and chaotic sound moving along with absolute precision, “Planets Conspiracy” demonstrates this point well in my view but you take your pick from any of the other tracks on offer.

I really loved this album, and genuinely hope that this time around it manages to reach out to a few more ears than before, although I would stick my neck out and say that these ladies would play to one man and his dog if asked to, such is the level of passion coursing through their veins.

Seek it out, listen, digest, and become totally hooked from the first moment to the last.

Track Listing;

1. 1981
2. Right Not Right
3. Black Owl
4. A Song For The Different
5. Planets Conspiracy
6. Not About Who Rules
7. Keep Breathing Please

Agatha are;

Pamela – Guitar and Vocals
Claudia – Drums

Out now via Chaos Rural Records



A sound so stripped back to the bone, you can almost taste the marrow

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