Absolva – Flames of Justice

Absolva are a new band, having only formed in May 2012.  Despite this they’re already releasing their first album.  The band was formed by Chris Appleton and Martin McNee – two thirds of Fury UK, after their band mate and brother of Chris, Luke Appleton left to join Iced Earth.  Instead of recruiting a replacement for Luke, the pair decided to form a separate band – this time a four piece band with twin guitars to give a different sound.

Admittedly half of Absolva were working together already, but for a band to form in May, play its debut live show at a festival in July, record it’s debut album in August and September and then release it at the start of November, is a staggering feat, but rest assured, from listening to the album it’s very clear that they haven’t cut any corners or rushed it in a way that would compromise the quality of the album.

The album starts off with the title track, “Flames of Justice”.  My god thats an impressive start to an album.  It’s an excellent track with a really strong tune and great chorus.  There’s some excellent guitar work here, which is hardly surprising given Chris Appletons reputation.  A superb song.

That really sets the tone for the entire album – good solid drums, superb guitar work, great vocals and excellent songs.

“State of Grace” is a somewhat different track.  Unlike the heavy rock songs that comprise the rest of the album, this is an instrumental acoustic guitar piece.  While normally I’m not a fan of instrumentals this is a great track and it also breaks the album up nicely with it’s slow soft pace.  As a result, when “”From beyond the light” kicks in straight after the end of “state of grace” it really hits hard, and an already heavy song feels even heavier.

The other slow song on the album is “Only when it’s over” which is the almost obligatory ballad.

This is a fantastic album, and for it to be a debut album from such a new band is amazing.  This album is going to make Absolva very well known, particularly that title track.

Rating: 9/10

“Flames of Justice” will be released on 5th November 2012

Absolva are:

Chris appleton – Vocals and Guitar
Martin McNee – Drums
Tom Atkinson – Guitar
Dan Bate – Bass

Track listing:

1. Flames of justice
2. Hundred years
3. Code red
4. It is what it is
5. Breathe
6. State of grace
7. From beyond the light
8. Free
9. Love to hate
10. Only when it’s over
11. Empires

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