ZENO MORF announce release date, tracklist and cover artwork for “Kingdom Of Ice”

The release date of the new ZENO MORF album “Kingdom Of Ice” is March 28th, 2014. The first two studio albums of the Norwegian Band ZENO MORF were already released in 2009 and 2010 by Pure Steel Records  sublabel Karthago Records. Now, three years later, they release “Kingdom Of Ice”, their third CD via Pure Steel Publishing.

Once again, the four guys founded in 1987 have twelve flawless, authentic Heavy Metal Songs and no convinced headbanger will be disappointed. Backing choirs (the opener “Hammer Squad”), straights drumming with tons of double bass, clean played twin guitar leads and a basic production are one of the great strengths of this band. Catchy, pounding riffs in the best Accept-style with Maiden-influenced solo parts and with rough shouts hit on melodic vocals are attributes of ZENO MORF. In the tracks “Home Of The Brave” and “A Question Of Fate” one remembers of the old brilliant Running Wild, while in “Coming Home” Black Metal blast parts appear.

ZENO MORF performs classic Heavy Metal in an absolutely independent way, for which they deserve your support!

Zeno Morf Kingdom Of IceTRACKLIST:
1. Souls Of A Frozen Earth
2. Hammersquad
3. Blackout
4. Kingdom Of Ice
5. Carved In Stone
6. The Home Of The Brave
7. Between the Twilight An The Dead
8. Lost 9. A Question Of Faith
10. Coming Home
11. Our Own Worst Enemy
12. Uncle Sam (Bonus Track)
Total Playing Time: 52:28 min

Erik Westerlund – vocals, guitars
Vidar Aas – bass
Trygve André Tvedt – drums, percussion
Johnny Sorensen – guitars



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