Zebedy “This Is My City” E.P.


Zebedy are one of North Wales’s best kept secrets, building a solid reputation as one of the area’s slickest live acts. Hopefully this will now change with the release of their E.P. “This Is My City”, a collection of first rate Progressive Rock/Metal that really makes you sit up and take notice.
Title track “This Is My City” is an absolute monster of a song in the Biffy Clyro mould, vocalist Jonny Harding-Smith fair belting it out with raw passion and infectious enthusiasm . A one song band they definitely aren’t though, tracks such as “In A Heartbeat” and “The Fallen” for example are just as impressive, demonstrating the composing talent within the ranks.
Overall, Zebedy deliver a hard hitting, melodic brand of Rock which is hard to ignore, and on the evidence of this release , are a band very much on the way to making their mark on the wider Rock circuit.

The E.P. is available via the bands facebook page from the 2nd of June.

Rating 9/10.

Zebedy are;
Jonny Harding-Smith. – Guitar and Vocals.
Dave Harding-Smith. – Bass and Vocals.
Tom Dyson – Drums and Vocals.
Ben Chamberlain. – Guitar and Vocals.




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