Xerus from the band Resistance (Be) Interviewed

This is Lee Walker from www.PlanetMosh.com conducting an email interview with Xerus from the band Resistance

LW – Hi Xerus , for all of those people who are just coming into contact with Resistance as a result of this interview, how did the band come into existence ?

Xerus – The band was created in 2004 by Ben and myself. Resistance released three albums and a demo between 2004 and 2010. After several line-up changes five European tours and three headliner tours, we are back with our new album “To judge & enslave”.

LW – How did the transformation from traditional hardcore act into a predominantly death metal band come around ?

Xerus – Well, as you may know, Belgium and HxC is a long story so the beginning was pretty obvious and easy for us. The band didn’t really have ambitions and it was more 4 – 5 friends having fun and discovering the metal scene at the time. Since then, the band simply evolved. We’ve been through several line-up changes and since Lords of Torment, Resistance is solid, growing as a band and needed to go rougher and faster. “To Judge and Enslave” is the fruit of all our influences (bands we saw live, we discovered, we loved). Death wasn’t what we planned but what came out spontaneously.

LW – What bands/artists have been your influences over the years ?

Xerus – We could name hundreds of them but if we had to limit it to 5 I’d say Belphegor, Machine Head, Gojira, Kataklysm, Lock Up.

LW – You are just about to release your forth album “To Judge and Enslave”. What are your favourite tracks from it ?

Xerus – For me it would probably be “Pointless desire” but all tracks on this album has something really special.
“Traitor” & “Oblivious” are probably in the top 3 due to the “easy-listening” chorus.

LW – How did the collaboration with Dew Scented’s Leif Jensen happen ?

Xerus – Each album has its guest appearance. Jacob Bredahl ( ex-hatesphere ), Ross ( ex-Enthroned ), Bruno G. ( ex-Dark Sensation ) put their voices on our previous records. We knew Leif Jensen for a while and he always followed a bit Resistance. We knew his powerful thrashy voice and we had the perfect spot for him in ENSLAVED. So, we asked him and he immediately said yes and made a perfect job!

LW – How do you think this album compares to your earlier releases such as “Trauma”, “Two Sides of a Modern World” etc ?

Xerus – I really think that each album has its own personality, from the song writing to the sound. But I would say Trauma was about HxC/metal and 2 Sides was more metal/deathcore. Lords of torment was 10 tracks written in 1 month and a half and it is just a big F*** to the shit we’ve been through. It’s easy, straight to your face, and rough as hell!
The new one is just our mature album I’d say. We tried to combine all our influences and satisfy everyone in the band. That’s how, in the middle of death and metal riffs, you’ll also find couple of black atmospheres, thrash shreddings, even grind parts.
We are 100% satisfied about the result.

LW – I believe you have an official cd release party planned to coincide with your appearance at the United In Metal festival in January. Are you looking forward to it ?

Xerus – Yes of course we are excited about presenting the new show and new songs to people. But we are convinced people will like this new album as we already played some live during our last tour with Misery Index.

LW – What are your plans for next year ? do you have any other festival appearances lined up ? Are there any plans for a UK tour ?

Xerus – We are going to do some special shows in Belgium & in Czech Republic before entering the Blitzkrieg tour VI supporting Vader in Poland. By April 2012 we will start the promotion of TJAE at some festivals before going on a one week tour in August.
We are planning a big European tour by October/November. And by 2013 we will travel outside Europe to promote “To judge and enslave” Worldwide.
We’d like to come for a UK tour but it is very difficult to arrange it for the moment.
We hope to come to your country as soon as possible.

LW – Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans ?

Xerus – No matter how but, check our new album, To Judge and Enslave. Support the metal scene in anway you can! Horns up!!! Thank you for this interview.

Check oute Resistance (Be) online at http://www.resistance666.net/ or follow them on Facebook

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