Dogstate e.p War Baby


It is a strange coincidence that two  of the band,Rich and Paul, share the same surname as John Garcia,vocalist of Kyuss who unfortunately disbanded many years ago. The first  two  tracks on Dogstate’s debut e.p War Baby come rumbling out with the classic groove of Wretch era Kyuss. First track Colt begins with a killer rolling riff with a tasty wah-wah solo midway.

The title track War Baby follows with a riff that Dave Wyndorf would be proud of and another wah wah lead break features. Next is Never Enough,the standout track of the e.p for me. Some killer guitar passages here, reminiscent of another sadly split band 90’s band Mindfunk. The vocals of Rich Garcia soar majestically throughout,his delivery  bringing to mind Ian Astbury of the Cult which brings us to the final track I Fall,the slowest of the 4 but still crushingly heavy!

There is great diversity shown over the four tracks on War Baby. I’ve played it over and over and there are  memorable hooks that embed themselves into your brain on first listen, sound better on each play and i’m looking forward to hearing more material from the London based band in 2012.


Dogstate band members :-

Rich Garcia-Vocals.

Paul Garcia-Bass.

Rich Groom-Guitar.

Wayne Casserly-Drums.



War Baby.

Never Enough.

I Fall.


I award the War Baby e.p  10/10.


























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