Wretched – Son of Perdition CD review

North Carolina based melodic death metal band Wretched have been going since 2005 and have had little success in terms of releasing a memorable release. Now in 2012, Wretched have released the album which will give them the recognition they deserve as a band, an album which can be seen as one of the most brutal, not to mention memorable albums of the year thus far. Presenting, Son of Perdition – an eleven track melodic death masterpiece made up of razor sharp, metallic guitar riffs, soaring death metal growls and powerful, looming double kick bass which forms a terrifying monster of an album that is heavier and more deadly than a panzer tank being driven by the devil himself. Prepare for the noise… IT’S GOING TO BE BRUTAL!

The finest moments on this album are during ‘The Stellar Sunset of Evolution’ trilogy. They have a progressive, technical element to them and although they may be the most melodic moments on the album, it is the time for each member of Wretched to shine and adds real diversity and difference to the rest of the album which is just downright loud and heavy! Guitarists, John Vail and Steven Funderburk are a force to be reckoned with when they play together, combining interweaving guitar melodies to form a web of tuneful and pleasant-sounding pleasure. They are truly amazing guitar players who add their magical touch onto anything they play.

Wretched really know how to make their songs as aggressive as possible and from the moment ‘Imminent Growth’ kicks in, to the moment ‘Decimation’ dies out, Wretched manage to keep a constant speed, and that speed is freaking hyper-speed throughout, Son of Perdition; ensuring that the listener is hooked and always on edge as the high octane guitar riffs rush by and the pounding double kick drums boom violently through your speakers.

The music is killer, the band are on top form and the artwork is magnificent; what more can you ask for. Well, it’s clear from a few of the tracks on Son of Perdition that Wretched master the melodic as well as the heavy so it would be good if Wretched could incorporate more of the mellower guitar parts into their next album. This album is stellar and you can’t complain with the hammering, thrashing power of tracks such as ‘At the First Sign of Rust’ and ‘Repeat… The End Is Near’, but it would be good to hear something a bit more tuneful in their back catalogue.

Wretched have released a genre defying album and through insane and tight musicianship, some of the most vicious and fierce metal songs of the past ten years and a sexy ass album cover – prove to the world that Wretched are back and better than ever! [8/10]

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