Worlds Apart – ‘Separate Ways’

The latest release, and indeed their last, from Separate Ways is a collection of songs that were recorded back in 1992, yet never officially released. The band decided that the fans deserved to hear these tracks, and so brought in Anthony Foxc to master, and Jonny Lima to produce this, their fifth and final album.

The band formed in 1989 and have toured with bands such as Dokken, Night Ranger, Cinderella, Firehouse, Great White, just to name a few.
The opening track is “That’s Why They Sent Me” and has a nice tight rhythm section, funky chopping bass lines and glorious guitar parts, a great chorus and lush harmonies.
The rest of the tracks tread the same territory, and that’s not a bad thing, The guitars cut through with a true Hard Rock edge on “Give it Back”, and once again there are some glorious harmonies.
Jay Davids vocal performance on this is very good, he brings a depth of emotion to the title track ‘Separate Ways’ that really makes you listen to the lyrics, and the band show you they are no amateurs either, with great pounding drums and some killer bass lines make this a must have cd for fans of AOR music.
‘Forever’ is a great song, the acoustic guitar opening break sets the tone, until once again Rich Cedillo electric guitar playing fills the room, he really has a feel for a great rhythm hook and plays some superb solo’s on this release.
The last song “Final Chapter” rounds of the cd nicely, a bit more hard edged than the previous ‘Forever’, a great way to end this release, and indeed the story of Worlds Apart
The Achilles heel in the release, is why has it taken 30 years to get released, was it not good enough back in the 90’s ? and if so, why do they think it is good enough to be released now, the answer off course, is that the band wanted to give their fans, a final album, before calling it a day. I think they should have released it earlier.A rewarding 8/10

Line Up:

Rich Cedillo – All Guitars and Backing Vocals

Jeff (JAS) Silva – Bass, Fretless and Backing Vocals

Jay Davids – Lead Vocals

Gary Silva – Drums


1. That’s Why they Sent Me

2. Crutch

3. Give it Back

4. Last Time

5. Desperation

6. Can’t Let Go

7. Separate Ways

8. Riding on a Whisper

9. All or Nothing

10. Forever

11. Final Chapter

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