WORLD FIRE BRIGADE Spreading My Wings cd

WORLD FIRE BRIGADE is a new modern hard rock group featuring ‘Fuel’s’ Brett Scallions, ‘Smile Empty Soul’s’ Sean Danielsen and producer Eddie Wohl.
After a brief intro, the title track “Spreading My Wings” really opens this opus up. We get to discover if this new band is in fact new, or just a mash-up of the previous mentioned bands, after all Brett can only sing in one style, or can he ?
This song is a strong representation of what this new band offers; it’s heavy, it’s melodic, it’s very different and bigger than the sum of its parts. Bretts vocals do sound different, not altogether better, just more suited to this style of rock.
‘Weight of the world” is a great catchy song that will definitely tick the radio friendly box, this is very much a commercial record and is a song that is likely to gain the band a whole load of fans, think Nickelback.
This is very much a modern hard rock album, bordering on that classic rock sound, however it does have its heavy moments on tracks like “Take Me Away” which features Rob Caggiano from Anthrax.
“Free and Sane” is a semi-slow track, not really in ballad territory, that sounds more like a left over Fuel song which to me is only saved by a blistering solo.
However “Spreading My Wings” is a good rock album that has its own identity, it is meaty and powerful, full of killer riffs, and is far better than the current clutch of modern rock bands, yet it never gets too heavy.


01 – The End Of Silence
02 – Spreading My Wings
03 – All You Know
04 – Weight of the World
05 – Shell of Me
06 – Fly
07 – Don’t Walk Away
08 – Take Me Away (feat. Rob Caggiano)
09 – Shot Down
10 – All My Demands
11 – The Beginning of Madness
12 – Never Saw the Wall (feat. Rob Caggiano) [Explicit] 13 – Free and Sane
14 – One

Sean Danielsen – Guitars, Vocals
Brett Scallions – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Wohl – Keyboards, Programming
Ken Schalk – Drums
Dustin Schoenhofer – Drums
Rob Caggiano (Anthrax) – Guitar
Andy Andersson (Fuel) – Guitar

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